BOMBSHELL: Trump Won Pennsylvania By A MASSIVE 6-8% Margin

( Exclusive) – President Trump won the 2020 election. We all know it and the Democrats know it. They know it was statistically impossible for Biden to win and that’s why leftist operatives had to spring into action to steal the election from the American people.

Ever since the stolen election, Democrats have been doing everything in their power to downplay and discredit election fraud allegations and stand in the way of legal audits taking place all over the US.

The left’s media cohorts have repeatedly regurgitated the real “big lie” that there was “no fraud” and that the election was the “most secure” in US history. Then there was the military inauguration of Joe Biden that officially ushered in the fraudulent, criminal regime.

Despite the fact that there has been evidence of fraud and corruption since the beginning, it’s now thanks to the tenacity of American patriots, like the Arizona State Republicans, that we have measurable, concrete proof that the election was anything but fair and secure.

The left can’t deny the evidence that has come about from the Arizona audit and now other states are working to audit their own election results. So what is the left to do now? Go on a campaign against “misinformation” of course.

While their efforts to curb online “misinformation” has been primarily focused on the covid-19 vaccine, it’s all an effort to control the American people, subvert free speech and maintain power.

We cannot lose sight of the reality, however, and that is that Joe Biden did not win Arizona. He did not win Wisconsin. He did not win Georgia. And he most certainly did not win Pennsylvania.

Not only did he not win Pennsylvania but retired Army intelligence captain and former baseball analyst Seth Keshel believes Trump won the Keystone state by 6-8% and he has the stats to back up this claim.

Keshel joined Steve Bannon on the War Room podcast Monday night to discuss the latest analysis of the 2020 election.

Keshel says that Trump won PA by 6-8% based on statistical models, predictions and over 75 years of history.

Just one little fun fact that indicates there was no way Biden could win PA was the fact that Republicans out-registered Democrats in the state 21 to 1 during Trump’s time in the White House between 2016 and 2020.

That’s a staggering number. Clearly Pennsylvanians weren’t registering as Republicans so they could vote for Joe Biden, or any other radical Democrat for that matter.

It was likely this surge in Republican registration that flagged Pennsylvania as a prime target for election fraud and chicanery.

Despite the fact that PA has a Democrat governor, it’s a red state through-and-through. It’s made up of blue-collar, union workers and anyone paying any attention during the 2020 campaign could plainly see that Biden would be a disaster for PA.

Pennsylvanians saw that clear as day and that’s why President Trump had a commanding lead of over 700,000 votes on Election Night before the dead of night ballot drops for Joe Biden.

Keshel discussed the predictive models in the state of PA for the 2020 election with Bannon. He noted how several counties miraculously outperformed for Joe Biden when there was no reason at all to believe that should have been the case.

The trend lines indicated a massive win for President Trump was coming (screen shot here) but in the end, somehow, Joe Biden pulled off a statistically impossible win.

What happened in Pennsylvania will be uncovered when the audits begin and we can only hope that’s any day now.

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