HUGE AZ AUDIT UPDATE: 2020 Election Security Procedures Violated — Maricopa County Will Not Provide Routers, Splunk Logs, Fobs — TIME TO INDICT

( Exclusive) – Maricopa County officials have yet to provide answers for the incredibly poorly managed 2020 election in which it appears Dominion was essentially in control. They have also yet to comply with the Arizona Senate subpoenas even in light of the bombshell revelations that have thus far come out of the audit.

There have been a number of major concerns revealed in the past few weeks but one of the most alarming is the fact that account passwords and the missing event logs were “deleted by 37,646 consecutive login queries in one day,” as the Gateway Pundit reports.

In the county, every single administrator account had the exact same password, regardless of the user and the passwords were set by Dominion upon the equipment being installed in 2019 and never changed. Something that never should have happened.

The election management system only had 8 users which, according to TGP, “shows that somebody ran a script with over 37,000 queries and deleted the election security logs prior to February 5th.”

Of course, auditors don’t know where the script came from because of the continued subterfuge on behalf of Maricopa County officials in their refusal to comply with the Arizona State Senate’s subpoenas.

TGP reports, “The Senate needs routers, splunk logs, and iButton fobs to see how the systems were configured, if they were connected or modemed, and who did what.”

“If all passwords are the same, anybody who knows the password can sign into any account, therefore we can’t even trace actions to a specific user.”

Also, since the passwords haven’t been changed since the software was installed in 2019, there is no way to know who else had access to the machines over the course of the last two years.

TGP reports that this was a direct violation of the Arizona Secretary of State Election Procedures Manual that directs passwords to be changed on a regular basis and says that passwords must not be vendor-supplied (screen shot here).

The Election Procedures Manual also states that the systems must not be connected to the internet (screen shot here) yet Dominion machines show they have wireless network capabilities. Why use machines that have the ability to connect to the internet if connecting to the internet is not even allowed?

The other issues stem from the fact that since 2019, the county did not do any antivirus updates, no operating system updates, or any other security patches on the machines. They also clearly didn’t change the passwords regularly like they’re supposed to.

In short, Maricopa County did not do a thing that was required of them to maintain best practices on the machines. On top of it all, they refuse to provide the State Senate with the necessary software and hardware so that a proper investigation and evaluation can be performed.

What really went down in Maricopa County during the 2020 election? It appears as though the election system was anything but secure from outside influence and hacking.

Was the County in on it? What are they hiding? It’s time they cooperated so auditors can get to the truth.

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