WATCH: Mother Of Ashli Babbitt Honored During Trump Rally, Talks With Reporters About Political Prisoners In D.C.

( Exclusive) – The mother of murdered patriot Ashli Babbitt was recently honored at a Trump rally, where she took an opportunity to address reporters concerning political prisoners who are being held in Washington, D.C. due to their alleged role in the January 6th riot at the Capitol Building.

According to Gateway Pundit, Babbitt’s mother said, “My daughter died for this cause, I want my country back.”

Babbitt’s mom, Michelle Witthoeft, was invited to the event, known as the Rally To Protect Our Elections In Phoenix by Rep. Paul Gosar as his guest of honor.

She also received a standing ovation after being introduced to the crowd.

Babbitt was shot and killed by a Capitol Hill law enforcement lieutenant while she was unarmed and climbing through a window in the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6th.

Witthoeft then addressed the National File just before the event kicked off, where she explained she was doing everything she could to ensure that her daughter did not die for nothing, calling attention to other “political prisoners” who are being held in prison.

“My daughter died for this cause, there are still political prisoners being held in DC jail under horrible conditions as a result of this. They were protesting our American birthright to go and redress their government because everybody in this country knows that this is a stolen election. So I’m here to be my daughter’s voice because it has been silenced,” Witthoeft said.

“President Trump has been raising the issue more and more. He recently sent out an email to his supporters with the simple question — who shot Ashli Babbitt?” the report continued.

“The identity of the killer had been suspected for months. It was recently confirmed by The Gateway Pundit that Lt. Mike Byrd was the one who pulled the trigger,” the report said, adding, “Unsurprisingly, he is being protected by the swamp in Washington and the media is ignoring the story entirely. As of now, he has skated free.”

A report from GP that was published on July 11 featured Charlie Kirk allegedly revealing that the shooter in question was none other than Lt. Michael Byrd. Kirk was actually the first conservative pundit to reveal the potential identity of the shooter.

“We’re still in the allegedly phase but according to Real Clear Politics and Real Clear Investigations it looks that, we’re pretty certain to believe that it’s a man by the name of Lieutenant Byrd, Michael Byrd, and there’s more information that is going to come out around this in the coming weeks,” Kirk said.

Not long after a GP report on July 7 was posted, Paul Sperry over at Real Clear Investigations also named the shooter as Byrd.

Here’s a video of Babbitt’s mom receiving that standing ovation during her introduction.

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