GOING VIRAL: Joe Biden Wants Jail For Crack Users As Hunter Smokes Crack (VIDEO)

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – A video has been put together and posted online that shows Joe Biden making a case for sending his own son, Hunter, to prison for up to five years. Now, he’s actually doing that in the video, as it’s footage of Biden as a young man arguing for sending folks possessing crack cocaine the size of a quarter to prison.

Which would mean his son Hunter, who has a bit of a drug problem, particularly with smoking crack, would fall victim to his father’s own drug policies.

A report from WND reveals that Biden had said, “No probation. Nothing other than five years in jail. The judge doesn’t have a choice.”

And then Biden goes on to point out that under the law the government “can take everything you own, car, house, bank account.”

The other side of the video contains footage of Hunter Biden with his beloved cocaine. As you can see, Biden isn’t a man of integrity. He seems to think that he and his family are somehow above the law.

“I don’t care why they become a sociopath. We have an obligation to cordon them off from society,” Biden said.

A report from Axios published just a few weeks ago has revealed that Biden’s latest moves on the issue are to end “sentencing disparities for crack versus powder cocaine offenses.”

This report went on to say that crack cocaine offenses are often treated more harshly.

It also said that “Biden’s attitude toward drug laws has largely evolved over the course of his tenure in elected office.” Gee, I’m sure that wouldn’t have anything to do with his own son being a crack smoker, would it?

Joe Biden is a huge hypocrite. He’d do anything to protect his family, no matter how badly they’ve screwed up. And this “protection” actually just preserves Hunter in his troubled state without providing him with the actual help he needs to get his life together. Instead, the elder Biden, known as “the Big Guy,” continues to just cover for Hunter and encourage him in corrupt behaviors and actions.

Not exactly father of the year material, right?

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