Bannon War Room: Retired Intel Captain Exposes Texas Election Fraud (VIDEO)

( Exclusive) – Retired Army intelligence captain, elections data expert, and former baseball analyst Seth Keshel has released his final national fraud numbers over the weekend, and boy did it contain a lot of major truth bombs to digest.

According to the folks over at Gateway Pundit, Keshel took a look at the final vote counts in all 50 states in America, then compared those numbers to estimates based on changing state dynamics and trends. Here’s what he came up with concerning the estimated voter fraud that occurred in each state.

The results were published on his Telegram page.

Keshel has confirmed that President Donald Trump won MI, WI, NV, AZ, GA, MN, and PA.

The former baseball analyst also thinks that cyber-flipping might be responsible for the negative results that took place in New Mexico, Virginia, New Jersey, and New Hampshire.

“According to Keshel’s investigation there were conservatively 8,144,000 excess Joe Biden votes recorded in the 2020 election,” the report said, adding, “Later this morning Keshel joined Steve Bannon on The War Room. Sethel told Steve how Texas officials were pushing back against his fraud estimates.”

Democrats have been desperately trying to flip Texas blue for almost ten years now, knowing that doing so would ultimately cause serious damage to the Republican Party and would result in providing socialists with a permanent majority. Keshel went on to explain how even the 2020 vote totals in the Lone Star state are suspect.

“President Trump defeated Joe Biden 52% to 46.5% in Texas in 2020. Trump – 5,890,347 (52.1%), Biden – 5,259,126 (46.5%),” another report from GP went on to explain.

Keshel then goes on to estimate that there were 675,000 excess votes for Joe Biden during the 2020 presidential election. Biden was up 1.38 million votes from twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, with Trump up at a record 1.21 million votes from the 2016 election.

“No party reg, heavy on 20-year pattern plus political trend. Trump trended Hispanic vote in Texas heavily Republican, but somehow “lost” Tarrant County and lost big margins in suburbs despite huge ~30% gains or more in all of them. Dem activity is obvious, many suburbs over 60% growth, huge urbans over 40%,” the report continued.

To put it in layman’s terms, the massive gains Trump received from San Antonio, Fort Worth, and Houston are not in agreement, historically, with a corresponding massive Democrat jump in those same counties.

If Keshel is accurate about the 675,000 excess votes, that means the Trump margin should have been roughly 55.4 to 43.1 with a margin of 1.3mm votes instead of 631,000.

This is why it is critical for forensic audits to be conducted in every state at this point. Fraud wasn’t just happening in key battleground states. It looks like it was being carried out in every single state across the country.

Let’s find those responsible and make sure they aren’t available to ruin our free and fair elections in the future.

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