COVID RULES HYPOCRISY: Obama Planning To Hold Lavish 60th Birthday Party For Himself At Martha’s Vineyard Featuring 200 Staff And 475 Guests

( Exclusive) – Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the shores of the United States and began wreaking havoc everywhere it went, conservatives and liberty-minded folk across the board have warned folks that the restrictions and guidelines put forth by the federal government and many Democrat mayors and governors was nothing more than an attempt to gain more power and control over the private lives of citizens.

The science concerning the effectiveness of masks has been shoddy, but the government is still telling people to wear them and those ignorant of the truth about the ineffectiveness of masks continue to obey like good little lap dogs.

Perhaps what the country needs is to see how little these restrictions actually mean to the ones who support them and push them.

According to a new report from Gateway Pundit, former President Barack Obama is planning on holding a lavish 60th birthday party for himself at his $12 million estate located on Martha’s Vineyard.

Take a wild stab: How many people will be attending this event? Try 475 confirmed guests with grunge legends Pearl Jam all set to perform at the party. Even Steven Spielberg is planning to attend.

Gee, sounds like the makings of a super-spreader event, right? If this were Trump holding a massive bash like this, you can guarantee that’s what the left would be screaming about.

Meanwhile, the little people of this country, those who have to work hard every day and are basically scraping by thanks to the tanked economy caused by lockdowns, are now being required to slap diapers on their faces again because of the oh so dangerous Delta variant of the coronavirus spreading like wildfire.

The elites are far above the rules they make for everyone else. We, the little people, who are obviously too stupid to make our own healthcare decisions, are the ones who need the rules.

Another example of how little the left actually cares about not spreading the Delta variant comes from the recent Lollapalooza event held in Chicago where 400,000 people gathered to hear a weekend full of music, which was also attended by Mayor Lori Lightfoot, not sporting a mask, while speaking to the crowd.

Lightfoot just announced more mask mandates over the weekend too.

If all of this doesn’t convince you that this whole thing is all about control, what more is it going to take? The hypocrisy here is astounding and absolutely mind-blowing.

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