Mike Lindell Goes Off At Cyber Symposium — Whistleblower’s Office RAIDED (VIDEO)

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – During MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium this week, a whistleblower was slated to step forward and unveil irrefutable evidence that would prove once and for all that the election last year was stolen, but things apparently did not go as planned.

According to Gateway Pundit, Lindell anticipates that the evidence to be revealed will be so shocking that it will bring together Republican and Democrat voters to strike back at the Chinese-arbitrated takeover of the U.S.

“You have to tell everyone around the world and people watching it is so big, even Fox will want to tune in,” Lindell went on to say about the evidence. Everyone should be hear.”

On Tuesday evening, things seemed to hit a boiling point as Lindell totally went off during the evening symposium, screaming and yelling with fervor. Why?

Because Mesa County Colorado Clerk Tina Peters had her office raided by authorities while she was actually on her way to the symposium.

Peters then came out to speak with the crowd and discussed the threats she received from the folks who think they are in charge.

“Lindell, who promised to release irrefutable proof that will shock the world at 7 pm at the symposium, explained that he had to convince Tina Peters, the Mesa County Colorado Clerk and Recorder, Colorado to take the stage amid fear of further retaliation by the government after contesting the election results of her county,” GP said in its report.

“I was bringing people here from Colorado on my plane and why they were on the way here, their office was raided. Why was their office raided? There’s a lot of complications out of this — after what happened we don’t know what they did. It’s a scary situation. They are doing their job and all the sudden they take over with fear,” Lindell said during the symposium. “It will be probably be Thursday, the second part of this would probably be even bigger.”

“The red team is going to be doing stuff here. It will probably be Thursday,” the CEO said. “I know the expectations were here but this is even bigger news — on the way here, her office was raided. I don’t even know the whole story. They were coming here to say quite a bit.”

After getting up on stage almost an hour after she was scheduled to, Tina Peters went on to claim that the proof she has of election fraud has made her a target for federal authorities.

“We have a secretary of state that is drunk with power. She makes emergency decrees and when we query her – she refuses to answer in violation of the state law,” Peters said to the crowd. “When I started having citizens come to me and tell me that something didn’t’ seem right in our local city elections from years ago to our 2020 election I said if there is a there we will do something about it. I am a Republican — I am a conservative and she’s not and she weaponizes her position to attack people who disagree with her.”

“I’ve been persecuted. They are trying to take over our election office. We are the last bastion of freedom in Colorado,” the Mesa County clerk said. “We have listened to people. They send me things from all over and there are some discrepancies there that I cannot deny or unsee.” If I am going to be honest with the people of Colorado and all of you. The hundreds in attendance of the event and millions of watching online walked away from the long-awaited Cyber Symposium empty-handed and confused following the presentation, yet waiting for more.”

Despite the strange turn of events, Lindell went on to urge those watching the Symposium to tune in on Thursday for the big reveal.

There’s been a lot of controversy leading up to this symposium, especially as it pertains to Lindell’s attempts to spread the word about the event so that people can tune in and hear the big news he has to share with everyone.

In fact, Fox News, a network that is supposedly “fair and balanced,” decided not to air advertisements for the Cyber Symposium, prompting Lindell to yank all of his company’s ads from their network.

Another GP report reveals that while Fox opted not to carry the ads, apparently ABC, NBC, and CBS did. Yes, that’s a complete and total shocker, but it’s true. Lindell spoke with Patty McMurray from 100 Percent FedUp last week to discuss this.

“We sent it to ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and even CNN,” Mike went on to say. “We’re not running it on MSNBC or CNN because they charge too much for their small audience, but the ad is running on all of the major networks,” the My Pillow CEO proclaimed, adding, “The ad’s been on over 5,000 radio and TV stations nationwide, but Fox News refuses to run the ad!”

As you can see, there are plenty of folks out there, all radical leftists, who want nothing more than to shut down any attempt to provide hard evidence that will reveal the election to have been stolen. They don’t want you to know they silenced your voice. That they took away one of your most precious rights.

The right to a free and fair election, which is part of the consent of the people to be governed.

Let’s hope the evidence revealed is truly enough to unite our nation together so we can fight for our rights as one people.

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