Shock Video: Americans Sign Petition To Arrest Trump Supporters Who Say Dems Stole 2020 Election

( Exclusive) – So it seems that there is an ever growing group of Americans who would love to see their fellow citizens tossed in the clink for daring to suggest the possibility that the 2020 presidential election was stolen, according to a new video that was put out by media commentator Mark Dice.

According to Infowars, Dice conducted a man-on-the-street style social experiment where he strolled up to strangers and started asking folks to put their John Hancock down on a petition that calls for any Trump supporters who question the 2020 election results in public to be rounded up and arrested.

“We want to stop these Trump supporters from continuing to say that Joe Biden stole the election,” Dice goes on to tell one couple, egging them on to sign the petition.

Dice then goes on to tell the signees that he would like to see Trump supporters tossed in prison for a minimum of 30 days for sharing these kind of views.

“You’re not allowed to say that on social media. It violates the terms of service, but we want to start arresting them because they’re still saying it out, in… offline. You know after the January 6 incident they banned anybody from claiming that there was election fraud on social media,” Dice said.

One man signing the petition said, “Motherf***ers. F**k ’em.”

“We live in Arizona, so we get it,” another man said to Dice before walking away.

“Well, we’ll start arresting them and stop them one way or another. Thank you,” Dice says to the man.

“I’m not sure what country they think they live in where they can say such things,” Dice goes on to tell another petition signer, who then responds with, “Right, I agree.”

“We’re going to have them arrested, because I’m not sure what they think gives them the right to be saying such things in today’s day and age,” the signer continued.

However, there were a few folks who refused to sign the petition, which proves that while there is definitely a large swath of individuals who actually think it’s okay to imprison someone for sharing an opposing view, some out there still believe in freedom of speech.

“What will prevent us from locking up people that are of different opinions?” one woman stated as she refused to sign the petition. “It’s a very very slippery slope; you don’t want to go down there.”

This is a terrifying thing to see here in the United States. However, being threatened by folks who claim they want you behind bars for your differing opinion is still not as wicked as the time an Antifa militant got busted trying to murder Trump supporters during the inauguration.

This same individual then claimed they were receiving money from billionaire progressive George Soros, who is more or less like a real life Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars. It seems guys like that are who he aspires to be.

“Antifa member Daniel Alan Baker has been arrested by the FBI for plotting to murder Trump supporters and police on Inauguration Day,” the report said.

“According to Justice Department documents, Baker had trained in Syria in 2017 with the YPG, and in 2020 participated in the CHAZ insurrection in Seattle — and was once even featured on VICE,” the Infowars report read.

The Tallahassee Democrat reported, “Prosecutors say Baker, a former airborne infantryman with reported ties to a foreign terrorist group, planned to violently confront protesters at the Capitol on Sunday, the same day the FBI warned of violence at all 50 state capitols.”

“Evidence shows that through various methods of interstate communications, Baker threatened to kidnap and injure others, and he recently issued a ‘call to arms’,” said U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Florida Lawrence Keefe went on to reveal in a statement.

“Extremists intent on violence from either end of the political and social spectrums must be stopped, and they will be stopped,” Keefe continued. “The diligent work in this case by the FBI and other public safety organizations has averted a crisis with this arrest, and we will not stop in our efforts to detect, deter, and disrupt anyone else planning to incite or commit violence.”

“Antifa supporter Daniel Alan Baker posted links to CNN on his “Call to Arms” to kill Trump supporters and police officers on Inauguration Day,” the report said, adding, “The DOJ’s criminal complaint also reveals that Baker, a self-identified “hardcore leftist”, claimed on his YouTube account that he “received Soros money” – in reference to globalist billionaire George Soros – and “will be offering cash rewards for information on Trump supporters.”

As you can see, there are a lot of mentally unstable and greatly disturbed individuals out there who are ready to take this whole division and conflict in our culture to a physical level. And yet the left claims conservatives are the ones pushing for violence.

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