ALERT: Democrats Caught In Massive Voting Machine Scandal (VIDEO)

( Exclusive) – Last month, the election firm known as “Election Source” sent out a notification to officials throughout the state of Michigan stating that they will be sneakily trying to break the law by going ahead and destroying election data stored on voting machines on the 15th.

According to Gateway Pundit, lawyers immediately sent out a cease and desist order to try and keep them from erasing evidence. Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn then asked the election officials to take action to cover up the 2020 election fraud before this, so it’s not surprising that Election Source was about to try and do the same thing.

“Also in July an email was sent to the local election officials in the state from a company called Election Source that performs work on the voting machines in the state. This company would likely not send any letter like the following to election officials without Secretary of State Benson knowing about it. In a letter to the election officials around the state, the following was shared,” the report said.

“‘We will be visiting xxx County on July 15th to perform preventative maintenance on your voting equipment. There is not an upgrade this time, just preventative maintenance. During the preventative maintenance, we will be removing the ICX batteries to prevent any issues with the batteries shutting off your machines. Batteries are not necessary in Michigan due to the fact that we do not use direct-recording electronic voting in our state,’” it continued.

Lawyer Stephanie Lambert went on to share with Jim Hoft and Patty McMurray from the Gateway Pundit and 100% FedUp respectively, that she planned on filing a suit to make sure evidence would not be destroyed.

“I’ve been working closely with Matt DePerno and with other attorneys and experts, like I said, and we’ve obtained a lot of evidence. In fact there’s going to be a lawsuit filed in the very near future against Election Source which is a contractor to Dominion. Matt Deperno sent a cease and desist letter to Election Source today because there was a letter sent out by Election Source to all of the clerks in Michigan stating that they’re coming to do preventative updates regarding removing a battery in most of the election equipment which is problematic because this would erase data [on those machines]. That’s one piece of what’s happening with Election Source,” Lambert said.

“… our experts have found security breaches within the Michigan election…” she continued.

Confirming that there are individuals out there who are clearly attempting to cover up what the left did during the election, Wisconsin Rep. Timothy Ramthun spoke at Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium where he revealed to the audience that officials in his state are wiping the voting machines clean.

This came right after Marilyn Todd from the New Hampshire Voter Integrity Group said that this same thing was happening in her state as well.

This is the willful destruction of evidence. People don’t participate in this kind of activity unless they have something to hide. It’s pretty clear that’s exactly what’s happening here. The left is desperately attempting to ensure that no one finds out they cheated to get Biden into office.

Another report from Gateway Pundit, Code Monkey Z recently revealed that one of the methods being used to destroy evidence is by changing out the batteries in the voting machines.

“In July we reported that county election workers in Michigan were threatening to break the law by ignoring a cease and desist order and removing the batteries in the Dominion machines in their counties,” the report said.

Folks, these individuals need to be held accountable for what they’ve done. And that means not allowing them to get away with election theft.

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