NeverTrump Establishment Releases New Report Confirming Democrat Election Cheating… After Refusing To Support Trump

( Exclusive) – We’ve all known since the 2020 election that the election was, indeed, stolen by the Democrats. Joe Biden did not win, he was installed. This was chillingly obvious as he was sworn in to our nation’s highest office in front of tens of thousands of National Guard troops rather than the American people.

President Trump warned that the election would be rigged and he was right. During the days and months after the election it became abundantly clear that Trump was not only fighting against the Democrats but also numerous RINOs (Republicans In Name Only).

Reps. Liz Cheney (R-WY) and Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) became the faces of the “Never-Trump” Republicans and the fracture in the GOP became insurmountable.

The Republican National Committee even abandoned President Trump immediately after the rigged election. They refused to support him and any claims that the election was stolen despite the landslide of evidence, witness affidavits and highly unlikely anomalies.

Now, it looks like the RNC is changing their tune. After a months-long investigation into the election the RNC has found that Democrat-run cities and states used COVID-19 as a means to change the rules which resulted in Joe Biden “winning.”

According to the Washington Examiner, the RNC report “found several cases in which Democrats used the virus as an excuse to scuttle voter identification rules, flood mailboxes with ballots, and limit poll watching and vote-count observations.”

“The pandemic brought chaos and comprehensive changes to voting processes beginning in the spring primaries and lasting through the post-election process,” the 23-page report from the RNC’s Committee on Election Integrity said which was created by party Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

“Democrats, including some public officials, used the pandemic as a pretense to achieve long-sought policy goals, such as expanded mail voting and the elimination of key safeguards, specifically for absentee voting, such as witness and ID requirements,” the report added.

The focus of the report was on the voting process itself and the way in which state voting laws were literally abandoned in key areas around the country, specifically in swing states. The report does not dig into county-by-county allegations of voting fraud.

Despite the fact that Ronna McDaniel initially refused to support President Trump, it seems that now she has come to terms with the reality of the 2020 election and the fact that Democrats will continue to cheat if not stopped, which would be bad news for the entire Republican Party.

She has set up a new election integrity unit that will stand in the way of future voting schemes by the Dems. It will also advise states on election reform though many states have been doing a good job on that on their own, in spite of the RNC’s refusal to get involved in anything election related.

McDaniel said, “The RNC established an election integrity committee to examine how Democrats attack election integrity — and more importantly, to lay out a blueprint for protecting our elections from the far-left.”

Even though she’s rather late to the party, it’s good to see McDaniel change course and get behind GOP concerns of election integrity.

“Republicans believe in making it easier to vote and harder to cheat, and we’re building a historic election integrity operation to do just that,” she further stated.

Despite having spent $40 million on election integrity initiatives during the 2020 election cycle, it wasn’t enough to stop the Democrats but McDaniel and the RNC plan to build on what they already started and hopefully have more of an impact on future elections.

The year-round election integrity operation will include “hiring in-state election integrity directors, monitoring state and county-level election processes to ensure laws are being followed, training thousands of poll watchers to observe all steps in the elections process, and continuing to engage in lawsuits that protect and promote election integrity.”

Now that the RNC has finally admitted that the 2020 election was rigged and that Joe Biden did not legitimately win, they will be a massive force in helping to ensure future US elections are not stolen.

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