HOT MIC! Alleged Footage Shows Pelosi Stating ‘We Don’t Want’ Biden To Talk

( Exclusive) – Actor and outspoken conservative James Woods has tweeted out a clip of President Joe Biden just as he was cut off during a virtual feed that was held back in March by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, right as she allegedly said on a hot mic, “No, we don’t want him to talk.”

“And I’m happy to take questions if that’s what I’m supposed to do Nance. Whatever you want me to do,” Biden stated in the clip while also addressing the House Democrats 2021 Issues Conference. This part actually did happen and it has been verified.

According to BizPacReview, in the clip that was shared on Woods’ social media account, Pelosi allegedly said, unknowingly on a hot mic, “Am I on? No, we don’t want him to talk.” Then Biden was supposedly cut off from talking.

However, the clip is a bit suspect due to the cadence of Pelosi’s speech toward the end. There’s also a question of credibility due to how long the clip took to surface, with the original incident happening so many months ago.

“The footage serves to highlight the fact that Biden has repeatedly stated that he’s being told who to call on and what to say. He’s also losing his temper with reporters and rudely turning his back and walking away when asked questions he doesn’t like,” the report said.

“For instance, at a press briefing on Hurricane Ida, Biden said he wasn’t supposed to take questions but took one anyway. ‘I’m not supposed to take any questions, but go ahead,’ he told White House reporter Jennifer Jacobs,” according to BPR.

The reporter started to ask him, “Mr. President, On Afghanistan…”

Biden then stopped her in the middle of her question, “I’m not gonna answer on Afghanistan.”

He then got angry, slammed his hand on the podium, and then turned his back on her.

“Biden’s gaffes when he speaks are legendary. It has become obvious to many Americans that the reason the president does not take more questions is he tends to lose his train of thought, ramble, go totally off-subject, or get angry. Almost daily, videos come out depicting Biden in a bad light and it’s only getting worse as time goes on,” BPR reports.

Currently, Biden’s approval rating is sitting at around 41 percent and it’s continuing to drop, according to a survey conducted by USA Today-Suffolk University. Back in May, his approval rating was 57 percent. Most of the decline is being attributed to his mishandling of the troop withdrawal in Afghanistan and the fact the Taliban has managed to take over the country.

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