ABSOLUTELY EVIL: Democrats Block Bill To Rescue Americans Abandoned In Afghanistan

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – House Democrats have decided to block a piece of legislation on Tuesday that would rescue the American citizens that the Biden administration abandoned in Afghanistan following the absolute disastrous troop withdrawal from the country.

According to Gateway Pundit, the bill would have also provided funding for an accounting of the billions of dollars of military arms that Biden also abandoned in the country, which the Taliban have seized and can either use or sell to fund further terrorist activities.

“Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) today slammed House Democrats for blocking the House from passing his legislation that would have required the Biden Administration to produce a plan to get stranded Americans out of Afghanistan,” the report said.

“Gallagher joined a group of House Republicans in requesting this bill be passed by Unanimous Consent but had his request rejected on the House Floor,” it continued.

“House Democrats have had not one, but two opportunities to join House Republicans in supporting legislation to hold this administration accountable and do whatever is necessary to save lives. Both times, they declined to join our efforts to do so. This is unacceptable,” Rep. Gallagher stated. “American lives are on the line and we have a moral obligation to do everything we can to get them home. Congress cannot sit on the sidelines while hundreds of our fellow citizens have been left behind enemy lines.”

Here is what Gallagher’s bill would do:

-Demand a plan from the Biden Administration to bring Americans home

-Request an accounting of all the equipment left behind

-Require transparency on any deals or agreements made by the Biden Administration with the Taliban

-Establish a sense of Congress that that Taliban should not be recognized as the government of Afghanistan

-Prohibit any federal funding or sanctions relief to the Taliban

And if the shutting down of this bill isn’t enough to get steam to blow out of your ears, how about the fact that newly leaked transcripts have revealed that Biden himself pressured former Afghan President Ghani to lie about the advances being made by the Taliban in order to downplay the crisis unfolding in the country.

According to Gateway Pundit, media outlet Reuters managed to get their hands on some leaked transcripts of the final call that Biden had with Ashraf Ghani just before the Taliban completed their takeover of the country.

“The call on July 23rd, Ghani communicated how serious the situation was, saying the country was undergoing an assault from a “full- scale invasion” of about “10,000-15,000 international terrorists.” He also explained that the Taliban had full logistical support and planning, courtesy of Pakistan,” the transcript said.

Biden didn’t really pay attention to this, going on to pressure the Afghan president to help create a “perception” that the Taliban had not been advancing at a rapid pace, “whether it’s true or not.”

“I need not tell you the perception around the world and in parts of Afghanistan, I believe, is that things are not going well in terms of the fight against the Taliban. ‘And there is a need, whether it is true or not, there is a need to project a different picture.’” Biden said during the call.

“Biden then offered Ghani US military aid, including air support, if he agreed to lie about the situation on the ground. He also asked the Afghan president to gather powerful warlords in the area to help change the narrative about the Taliban winning,” the report continued.

“You clearly have the best military, you have 300,000 well-armed forces versus 70-80,000 and they’re clearly capable of fighting well, we will continue to provide close air support, if we know what the plan is and what we are doing,” he stated.

“But I really think, I don’t know whether you’re aware, just how much the perception around the world is that this is looking like a losing proposition, which it is not, not that it necessarily is that, but so the conclusion I’m asking you to consider is to bring together everyone from [Former Vice President Abdul Rashid] Dostum, to [Former President Hamid] Karzai and in between,” he went on to say.

“If they stand there and say they back the strategy you put together, and put a warrior in charge, you know a military man, Khan in charge of executing that strategy, and that will change perception, and that will change an awful lot I think,” Biden added.

The then-Afghan president turned down Biden’s offer.

The corruption of Joe Biden seems to know no bounds. It’s like the situation with Ukraine all over again. There’s nothing this man won’t try in order to make himself and his administration look good.

But it’s too late for that now. His mishandling of the situation in Afghanistan and the troop withdrawal is exposed for all to see.

Time to resign, or be impeached. Whichever comes first.

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