‘KILL SHOT’: Former Deputy SECDEF Claims Predator Drone Operator Ordered To STAND DOWN Against Kabul Airport Bomber

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Univision has aired a huge bombshell allegation smack in the middle of the network’s coverage of the disastrous troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Former Army Green Beret and Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Roger Pardo-Maurer has come out and said that the Defense Department knew about the homicide bomber at Hamid Karzai International Airport located in the city of Kabul and had scrambled a Predator drone to stop the man when they suddenly ordered it to stand down, just as it locked on its target.

According to a report from Newsbusters, Pardo-Maurer said, “What is being said by people who were involved is that the Department of Defense already knew who the bomber was, and when (the Kabul attack would happen), and that a Predator drone had a lock on him, OK, and that they refused to grant permission to fire upon that bomber. (Permission) was requested, and was denied. Why? Because we are in this process of negotiating with the Taliban, who aren’t even in control of their own government or their own people.”

We’ll have a lot more information about this incident to chew on in the upcoming days, but if this allegation turns out to be true, it’s very, very disturbing. One of the questions this raises is how far in advance did the U.S. have eyes on this bomber before he arrived at the airport? Who is responsible for giving the stand down order?

“Those 13 were killed when the bomber detonated at the Kabul airport, where U.S. service members were working to evacuate Americans, allies from Afghanistan, and the United States’ own military because of Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw completely from Afghanistan,” a report from WND said.

Pardo-Maurer went on to say that Biden’s administration needs to try and get the rest of the Americans who have been left behind out of Afghanistan. He said the mission is not complete and then noted there could be 100,000 people who were evacuated, but at the end of this whole thing the total might need to be 200,000.

“To all those who are asking, ‘what can I do to help?’ ‘What’s going to happen?’ ‘How are we going to honor our promises to the Afghans?’, I say: calm. We’re going to see how it gets done, but it’s going to get done. Somehow, something is going to get established which people are already talking about an Underground Railroad, inspired by the (original) Underground Railroad with which fugitive slaves were removed from the South prior to the Civil War. So this is by no means over. We’re not even halfway there,” he went on to say.

He then said that the situation unfolding in Afghanistan, under Biden’s order to retreat, is “total chaos.”

The person who issued this order needs to be held accountable for this horrific decision, which in the end cost 13 U.S. service members (pictured here) their lives. If you have the ability to save a life and choose not to, that’s the same as killing those people yourself.

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