Mystery Unidentified Aerial Vehicle Photographed In Daylight Flying Over The Philippines As Local Air Force Issues ‘Scramble Order’ But Cannot Catch

Local press in the Philippines has reported on a scramble of fighters on a mystery, unresponsive aerial contact on the same day and around the same time as when the photo was snapped.

We have had a lot of talk this years about UFOs, with sightings popping up all over the place, so much so that the United States created a task force to deal with it all. What was spotted today flying over the Philippines certainly could be a UFO from beyond earth, but it’s just as likely to be a trial run of a super-secret and very powerful stealth plane of the United States, Russia or China. Watching Joe Biden handle the Afghanistan situation is no doubt emboldening our enemies to a very high degree.

“And he spake a parable unto them, Can the blind lead the blind? shall they not both fall into the ditch?” Luke 6:39 (KJB)

If something doesn’t change soon in America, we may need to start mentally preparing ourselves for the day when the enemies of America come knocking on our door. Yes, America still has the mightiest military every assembled, but so did England at one time. Our Pentagon and White House are proving themselves to be inept and pusillanimous ‘blind leaders of the blind’, and that ditch is coming at us rapidly. I still believe alien visitation is not far off, with foreign enemy visitation even closer than that. Tick, tock, people…

Mystery Flying Wing Aircraft Photographed Over The Philippines

FROM THE DRIVE: The Philippines sits between the South China Sea and the Philippine Sea, two contentious and highly surveilled bodies of water that regularly see large amounts of military activity, especially Chinese and American. All types of military aircraft constantly frequent the skies above both seas, from bombers to drones, but on September 2nd, at around 6:15 AM local time, landscape photographer Michael Fugnit captured something very unique in his lens—what appears to be a stealthy flying wing aircraft with a diamond-shaped fuselage and slender wings, a centralized exhaust, potentially featuring twin engines, and a ventral fuselage bulge.

Fugnit tells The War Zone that he was up early in Santa Magdalena to catch the perfect sunrise when he noticed an aircraft overhead moving along at a good clip. The single image he took showed something that is unlike any normal commercial or military aircraft that usually criss-cross the skies over the region on a daily basis.

We must state that we cannot authenticate the image at this time, although we gave it a cursory examination in photoshop and nothing major stood out. We do not have any reason to believe the photographer fabricated it, either, although it is only prudent to underscore that the factual status of the photograph could change. We will continue to examine the image using various tools and are reaching out to other photo experts to give us their opinion.

At first glance, the aircraft depicted looks very much like the one seen in the supposed sighting of the so-called RQ-180 Sentinel high-altitude, long-endurance, very low-observable drone from last November. The RQ-180, which you can read our in-depth take on in this past special feature, is thought to be in very limited operation at this time as it continues with its clandestine development. Flying the aircraft in this area of the world would make sense because it is precisely the type of environment it was designed to operate in, but it could also just be transiting to another location, including back to the United States.

Also the timing, at sunrise, crossing the last major inhabited area before heading out into the desolate Pacific would make sense. The aircraft is thought to fly out of Area 51 in Nevada and Edwards Air Force Base in California, on extremely long-duration missions, but the isolated island of Diego Garcia, in the Indian Ocean, would be another operating location as it expands its operations. Special facilities there can support the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber and could likely be used to support the RQ-180, as well. The locale is also known for its use to support clandestine aircraft activities. Andersen Air Force Base on Guam is another potential operating location, but that is likely too high-profile for this stage of the aircraft’s development.


Now for the final facet to this story, which may or may not be related. Local press in the Phillippines has reported on a scramble of fighters on a mystery, unresponsive aerial contact on the same day and around the same time as when the photo was snapped. reported the following:

The Philippine Air Force (PAF) said Saturday it issued a “scramble order” for two FA-50 Aircraft light fighters to intercept an “unknown aircraft” that approached the Philippine airspace last Thursday.

PAF said the Philippine Air Defense Control Center (PADCC) detected an unidentified inbound aircraft in the Philippine Air Defense Identification Zone, approximately 120 nautical miles northwest of Bolinao, Pangasinan.

“The unidentified aircraft was heading towards Philippine airspace. Coordination with the CAAP classified it to be an unknown track of interest,” PAF said in a statement.

The unknown aircraft was at 21,000 feet flying at 265 knots heading northeast.

“The FA-50s flew at the maximum allowable speed towards the direction of the unknown aircraft. At about 4 minutes into the intercept, the unknown aircraft changed direction towards the North and increased its speed to 400 knots and headed away from the Philippine airspace. The intercept was terminated at 9:45 A.M.,” PAF added.

Air Force spokesman Lt. Col. Maynard Mariano told reporters that the agency could not tell the intent of the aircraft in approaching the country’s area of responsibility. He said there was no radio response from the unknown aircraft.

The biggest discrepancy here is the timeframe. This intercept ended some three and a half hours after the image in question was supposedly taken. That doesn’t mean the stealthy aircraft didn’t linger in the area after its picture was taken, as stealthy reconnaissance aircraft are pretty much built to do. The altitude is also too low for a HALE asset, but if the aircraft were a tactical platform, that may be possible. At the same time, a stealth aircraft like this would likely be equipped with advanced electronic warfare systems to help defend itself, so getting a firm altitude, assuming radar actually spotted it at all, may not have been possible.

So, we have a very intriguing image and a unique series of events and circumstances that surround it. READ MORE

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