Dr. Simone Gold Drops BOMBSHELL: “The CDC Now Listing Vaccinated COVID Deaths As Unvaccinated Deaths If They Die Within 14 Days Of Vaccine.”

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – This probably isn’t going to surprise any of you, but it seems the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are once again fudging the numbers when it comes to COVID and vaccine statistics. What are we supposed to do, and who are we supposed to believe when the medical community is as corrupt as our own politicians?

According to Gateway Pundit, “Last year we reported that only 6% of all Coronavirus deaths were related to COVID itself. Handfuls of fake fact checkers claimed we were wrong.”

As it turns out, GP was actually proven right by the CDC itself. Talk about vindication.

Well, the new monkey business that the CDC is involved with is taking folks who have died from the COVID vaccine and no longer considering them deaths related to the vaccine if they pass away within 14 days of getting the jab (screen shots here and here). How convenient, right? It allows them to keep the pro-vaccine narrative afloat.

How can anyone trust the CDC at this point? Look how willing they are to change data to match the narrative they want to push. It’s like in Orwell’s 1984 when Big Brother rewrites history and changes things to match the official narrative in order to keep people from knowing what’s really going on.

This should also raise some warning flags concerning the safety of the COVID vaccine. In fact, America isn’t the only place where people are becoming scared of the vaccine. According to Infowars, Japan has just recalled 1.63 million doses of the jab produced by Moderna.

The reason? They apparently contain foreign material contamination.

“After eight vaccine distribution centers across Japan reported contamination of the Moderna jabs due to “foreign materials,” the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare made the call to halt the shots,” the story said. “Japanese drugmaker Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. is in charge of overseeing sales and distribution of the Moderna vaccine in the country.”

In response to the recall, Moderna has supposedly promised to conduct some kind of investigation to figure out what happened after a request was made from Takeda.

For now, Takeda has asked medical institutions to stop administering the vaccine immediately. As of this writing, over 10 million doses of Moderna’s jab have been given out in the country since May of this year. The country was supposed to receive 50 million doses by the month of September.

No matter how you slice the cheese, this vaccine is still in the experimental phase, even if it is given the seal of approval by the FDA. There’s not been enough time to see whether or not this thing will produce negative long-term side effects, which is a major concern for most people.

And, of course, all the people who have experienced immediate bad reactions to it and are now left damaged or dead, sure hasn’t helped ease minds.

Here’s a video from a doctor who goes on to school the folks on the school board about the reality of the vaccine and masks, shredding the CDC in the process.

In the following clip, Dr. Sean Brooks goes on to state that those who have taken the jab are going to die soon. This will explain what he meant:

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