WATCH: Woman Points To Nursing Manual, COVID Vax Without Consent Is Criminal Act

( Exclusive) – While parents all around the country are fervently fighting unconstitutional and unhealthy mask mandates for their school children, there is another battle looming on the horizon: mandatory vaccines.

While most Americans are not being faced with the “vaccine or else” ultimatum just yet, that time seems to be rapidly approaching.

Many colleges have begun to require their students to vaccinate in order to attend and New York City has implemented the outrageously unconstitutional vaccine passport program.

It’s only a matter of time before every single one of us will be faced with making the decision to either take the dangerous vaccine or else.

One woman who says she is a nurse, explained in a video clip posted online her experience in nursing school during which time she learned that forcing someone to take a vaccine against their will constitutes a criminal act.

“In nursing, we are taught about intentional crimes and torts,” the woman begins, speaking to a small group of people gathered in a room.

“Right? That’s what you’re speaking to, informed consent,” she continued, pointing at someone off-camera.

Reading from a piece of paper, she said that “intentional tort is assault and battery.”

“Assault is the threat of an unwanted action or bodily contact. Battery is an assault that is carried out and includes willful, angry, violent, negligent touching of another person’s body, clothing, or anything attached to them,” she continued.

Therefore “forcibly removing patient’s clothing and administering an injection after patient has refused it are all examples of battery,” the woman said, holding her papers up and adding that what she read “is all from a nursing book from four years ago.”

“This is what they teach us. If we did this to a patient — if you told your patient informed consent, and they said no and you did it anyway, you would go to jail, you’d get your nursing license taken away, and you would be a criminal,” she added.

“So now, what they’re doing, they’re putting us in a position of saying, Either you become a victim of a crime, voluntarily — and the nurse giving the injection when they know you don’t want it is committing a crime — that nurse can lose their license,” she added.

“And we’re being told to be a victim of a crime or lose our employment,” the woman went on. “I understand the conditions of employment. I understand there’s certain things you do and don’t have to do. But nobody should have to become a victim of a crime that could result in somebody going to jail and losing their medical license in order to keep our job.”

Even though the COVID vaccines are not specifically mentioned in the video, it’s pretty clear that is what the discussion is about. Vaccine mandates by governments and private businesses have been increasing since the FDA approved the first vaccine last month and we can expect that to continue.

Biden has mandated the shots for all federal employees and those who refuse must submit to weekly COVID testing. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced that the vaccines will be required for all service members. Those who do not conform will face expulsion and potential disciplinary action for disobeying a “lawful” order.

Now is the time for mass resistance.

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