Whistleblower Nurses Come Forward, Expose Media’s False ‘Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated’ Narrative

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Nurses all over the United States are coming forward to destroy the liberal media’s lies, working hard to expose the so-called “pandemic of the unvaccinated” that these hacks are trying to push in order to appease their Democratic Party overlords.

According to Infowars, these nurses are blowing the whistle about hospitals being filled with unvaccinated people. During a few candid interviews with nurses who are on the frontlines in the battle against COVID, they say they’re seeing the ICUs where they work being filled with fully vaccinated patients.

“Vaccine injuries?” one of the cameramen asks a nurse who is attending a protest.

“Thirty-three,” she replies, adding, “Just this past week about three fully vaccinated individuals, disease in quads left and right, DVT pulmonary embolism. I mean on blood thinners and this has ever since they got back vaccinated.”

She then goes on to tell a horrific story of how a fully vaccinated individual is currently “fighting for her life.”

“I had a 30-year-old woman who started bleeding, basically hemorrhaging ever since she got injected, literally within the 48 hours. This poor woman is a mother of two. Like I said, 30 years old, and she was fully vaccinated and regrets it deeply. This is a month ago and she is now intubated in critical condition fighting for her life, potentially about to leave her children motherless and of course, she regrets 1,000% being injected, and she acknowledges this. So did her physician,” the nurse says (watch here).

The nurse then goes on to explain that the media is lying about the hospitals being full of unvaccinated patients, noting there are just as many patients in the hospital who have received both jabs.

“So I don’t know why the lies continue. I see it every single day. This whole story about 90% unvaccinated cases. No, I can tell you I’ve been in the front of the line for the last year and eight months, or however long it’s been. Too long. And that is a complete lie. I have seen nothing but vaccinated individuals. Unvaccinated as well, but don’t believe the lies, don’t believe the media. It’s all bullshit,” the nurse explains.

In another interview (watch here), another nurse backs up the claim that hospitals have just as many vaccinated patients, some of whom are actually suffering from reactions to the vaccine itself. “Are the hospitals full of COVID patients?” an interview goes on to ask.

“Hospitals are pretty much full of people that have been vaccinated then returning to the hospitals due to that vaccination,” the nurse responds.

“So you’re telling me that there’s a lot of people who got vaccinated in the hospital right now?” the cameraman says.

“Yea. Not just in St. Michael’s, but all over the world. That’s who’s coming back to the hospital,” the nurse says. “This time of year when the hospital’s should be at their lowest are people that are vaccinated.”

The person conducting the interview then says, “So what’s your take on people like the Chief Medical Officer for the health here saying that the ICU’s are being strained right now? Would you tell me is that a lie or is that true?”

“That’s a lie,” the nurse replies, going on to state there’s no overflow of patients in the emergency room, or an overflow of COVID patients.

“Speaking of the Hospital’s Chief Medical Officer, who’s been spreading lies claiming there’s a pandemic of the unvaccinated, the nurse proclaimed, ‘I think she’s a liar and she’s got, pretty much, a satanic mindset,’” the report concludes.

According to a report from BizPacReview, another nurse recently provided a glimpse inside a nursing manual which proves it’s actually a criminal act to try and give a COVID vaccine to someone without their personal consent, a fact that is going to make liberals foam at the mouth.

Folks, these people who are so deeply pro-vaccine have lost their minds. They do not understand that those of us who are hesitant to get the vaccine are only following the science. We’re not opposed to vaccines in general, just this one due to the lack of testing and the fact there could be very negative consequences, both short term and long term, for those who take it.

“A woman claiming to be a nurse explained in a video clip posted online how she was taught in class that forcing someone to take a vaccine without their permission is a criminal act in what was perceived to be a reference to COVID-19 jabs,” the report said.

“In nursing, we are taught about intentional crimes and torts,” the woman says, speaking to a small group of folks who have gathered together in a room.

“Right? That’s what you’re speaking to, informed consent,” she went on to say as she’s pointing at someone off-camera.

She reads off a piece of paper, saying that “intentional tort is assault and battery.”

“Assault is the threat of an unwanted action or bodily contact. Battery is an assault that is carried out and includes willful, angry, violent, negligent touching of another person’s body, clothing, or anything attached to them,” she went on to say.

Therefore, “forcibly removing patient’s clothing and administering an injection after patient has refused it are all examples of battery,” the woman said, holding her papers aloft and adding that what she read “is all from a nursing book from four years ago.”

“This is what they teach us. If we did this to a patient — if you told your patient informed consent, and they said no and you did it anyway, you would go to jail, you’d get your nursing license taken away, and you would be a criminal,” the nurse added.

“So now, what they’re doing, they’re putting us in a position of saying, Either you become a victim of a crime, voluntarily — and the nurse giving the injection when they know you don’t want it is committing a crime — that nurse can lose their license,” the nurse said.

“And we’re being told to be a victim of a crime or lose our employment,” the woman continued. “I understand the conditions of employment. I understand there’s certain things you do and don’t have to do. But nobody should have to become a victim of a crime that could result in somebody going to jail and losing their medical license in order to keep our job.”

President Joe Biden recently stated that all federal employees either have to take the vaccine or be subjected to weekly tests, which many individuals view as a huge hassle. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has also announced that all members of the military will be required to get the vaccine or be expelled and potential disciplinary action for disobedience to a lawful order.

This COVID crisis is everything liberals have been dreaming of, as it has provided an excuse for these individuals to take all the power they can get their grubby hands on.

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