BREAKING: Ben Stein Suspended By YouTube For Asking Too Many Covid Questions — Watch The Censored Interview Here!

( Exclusive) – Actor and attorney Ben Stein has apparently been booted off of YouTube after he asked questions concerning COVID-19, vaccines, mandates, boosters, and other important, critical topics and issues that we all really need to be having rational discussions about right now.

According to Infowars, Stein’s YouTube Channel, “The World According To Ben Stein,” was given a one week ban last Friday. “Thou shalt not question the COVID party line,” Stein’s subheadline read in an article he penned about the incident.

“YouTube is such an immense communications entity that to be banned from it is to be banned from national mass communication. Yes, it’s not part of the government, so the First Amendment does not strictly apply to it. BUT, it is so big that it approximates the government. And to be banned from it is to be banned from national debate on important issues,” Stein went on to say about the suspension.

Here’s the video on Stein’s Rumble account that got him banned from YouTube:

Back in March, Stein took the COVID vaccine and then suffered pretty severe side effects from it.

There was a lot of backlash after Stein decided to speak out and share his negative experience with the coronavirus vaccine, which led him to start fighting back against the crazy Marxist mob that is trying to force every single person in the country to take the vaccine.

Ever since this incident happened, Stein has taken it upon himself to question everything that is COVID-related and posted up content related to that process on his YouTube channel.

After finding out his channel had been suspended, Stein went on to write, “Our crime? That we had questioned the Covid vaccine and gone against the prevailing wisdom of the experts on Covid in our area and nationally. That was enough to get us banned on YouTube for a week.”

“We’ll find some way to get back ‘on the air,’ at least for a while. In the meantime, welcome to Biden/Big Tech Amerika. Sieg Heil!” the former television host said sarcastically.

“On the special 9-11 transmission, Stein and his co-hosts discussed the YouTube ban, Stein saying the censored video was ‘too much for the powers that be,’” the report stated.

According to Infowars, Stein took the Moderna vaccine, after which he stated that he suffered from “wild side effects. Like I had the worst flu in the world, extreme shortness of breath, dizziness, fatigue, extremely irrational thinking. It has just been devastating.”

Folks, the important thing to note here is that this vaccine impacts everyone differently. When it comes to short term side effects, not everyone is going to experience them. However, that doesn’t mean the vaccine is safe to take.

This vaccine was pushed through without being given proper time for it to be tested to see if it could have a negative effect on folks over the course of a decade, which is usually how long it takes to get the information necessary for a vaccine to be approved.

Whether the left likes to admit it or not, this is still in the experimental phase. There’s a lot we don’t know about it, which is why folks are hesitating to take it. We’re not anti-vaxxers. We just want to know it’s truly safe, both short term and long term.

That’s reasonable.

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