SICK. Little 12-Year-Old Girl Says Joe Biden Had His Hand Around Her Waist! (VIDEO)

( Exclusive) – Creepy Uncle Joe strikes again. Joe Biden should be sitting in a nursing home facility somewhere not traveling the country and certainly not sitting in the Oval Office. Yet, here we are. America has truly entered into some kind of demented alternate reality.

The left lambasted President Trump nonstop for alleged inappropriate behavior towards women yet here’s Joe Biden, once again, touching a little girl inappropriately.

As expected, the mainstream media is completely silent and the rabid #MeToo leftists turning a convenient blind eye.

Over the weekend, Joe Biden visited Shanksville, Pennsylvania. A town near the site that Flight 93 crash landed, killing everyone on board, 20 years ago on 9/11.

The picture of him with a group of children decked out in Trump gear has gone viral. This was trolling at the highest level imaginable. These children, as one meme has aptly pointed out, tricked Joe Biden, just like the Taliban did.

Biden stood with the kids, wearing his trademark stupid grin, as they surrounded him broadcasting their love and support for #45 at a 9/11 memorial ceremony.

While that was totally epic, there was something disturbing going on that wasn’t immediately noticed. Joe Biden has his hand creepily placed on the waist of one of the girls in the photo (screen shot here).

The 12-year-old girl standing right next to Joe Biden was forced to endure his hand around her waist and Joe Biden has gotten away with it without so much as a peep from the mainstream media.

How sick.

Joe Biden just can’t help himself.

On Monday night, the children made an appearance on Newsmax with host Greg Kelly who asked them if Joe Biden did anything weird that couldn’t be seen in the photo.

The girl whose waist Biden was touching answered and said he had his hand around her waist but did say she did not feel uncomfortable. That’s good but any adult looking at the picture certainly does. It’s awkward, creepy and inappropriate.

When Joe Biden took over as “president” in January did he not have to watch any kind of orientation video? (Sarcasm). Surely he has to know about good touches and bad touches. Unfortunately, Joe Biden just can’t stop himself from the bad touches.

It’s even worse considering he has a propensity for touching children.

Last month Joe Biden forcefully pulled a little girl, much younger than 12, up against his body and creepily whispered in her ear while he signed a bill in front of members of the Capitol Police who worked to “defend the Capitol” on Jan. 6.

The fact that Joe Biden continues to behave incredibly inappropriately around young girls proves how severe his mental disabilities are becoming. Anyone with a functioning brain would understand the need to stop touching and smelling little girls and whispering to them and would actually stop doing those things.

Joe Biden, in his failing mental state, just can’t help himself.

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