EMERGENCY ALERT: Over 350,000 Ballots Disappeared In The CA Recall Election

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – On Tuesday, Californians took to the polls to vote on whether to recall tyrannical Governor Gavin Newsom. Well, many went to the polls while many others voted by mail and Democrats proved to be up to the same old tricks that stole them the 2020 presidential election.

The vote by mail scheme pushed so hard by Democrats in the name of “public health safety” is a scam and is inherently fraudulent. The issues with sending out millions of unsolicited ballots are aplenty and yet it keeps being permitted.

Now Newsom has somehow managed to escape being recalled despite the fact that Californians hate him, he’s failed the state miserably and has behaved like an elitist tyrant for the duration of the “pandemic,” but is anyone actually surprised?

We all know the game is fixed now. Californians never really had a chance at removing Newsom and turning their state around. The Democrats dangled the recall in front of their faces knowing full well they were never going to let it go down.

What’s most frustrating is the chicanery is right in front of our faces. It happens right out in the open. The left has absolutely no shame.

During live coverage of the recall election on CNN Tuesday night, viewers saw over 350,000 tabulated ballots suddenly disappear (screen shot here). Naturally the left, via the Associated Press, claimed it was nothing more than a human error but we’ve seen this “error” before.

This very same “glitch” happened numerous times throughout the night during live news coverage on November 3, during the US presidential election. All the “glitches” went in one direction but CNN and the entire radical left think Americans are just too stupid to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

While it seems as though over 350,000 votes in favor of recalling Newsom disappeared on live TV Tuesday night, the partisan hacks at the AP were kind enough to “fact check” this claim.

According to their “assessment,” this claim is “missing context.”

“Edison Research, the polling firm that provides election data to CNN, said a data reporting error by one of its staffers caused false vote totals to briefly appear on a live CNN broadcast. The error was fixed within two minutes.”

So, now we’re all supposed to trust “Edison Research” who routinely conducts misleading, inaccurate and bogus polls and uses them in a partisan political manner with the intention of manipulating and misleading viewers?

We don’t think so. That might work for those Americans who are already sufficiently brainwashed but for the rest of us, we see right through these games and the lies.

As usual, the left seems to have brazenly cheated right before our very eyes yet again and are insisting we just look the other way. Nothing to see here. Everything is on the up-and-up.

Is anyone else getting that déjà vu feeling?

These election tricks will just keep continuing as long as we, the people, allow it to. It’s time to step it up and loudly demand election reform in every single state. This cannot be allowed to continue. If we do nothing now, America will truly be lost forever.

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