JPMorgan Makes Shocking Discovery About Delta Variant

( Exclusive) – The supposed COVID-19 “Delta” variant opened the door for the Biden regime to decree vaccine mandates for nearly 100 million Americans. Though the federal government didn’t actually order Americans to get vaccinated, they did order businesses with over 100 employees to order their employees to get the jab.

The Delta variant paved the way for a new amped up form of tyranny in America but the reality is none of it is justified.

Of course, we know the psychotic globalists and the radical leftists need to keep the charade going until at least the mid-term election to be able to use it as a means to justify their mail-in voting scheme once again.

Nonetheless, the truth is the Delta variant is hardly the threat the fear-mongering mainstream media and the Biden regime have made it out to be. This has been confirmed by an unlikely source: JPMorgan.

The way viruses work is that the original strain of the virus is the most infectious and virulent while subsequent strains are weaker and less infectious. Of course, we have been told to deny the real “science” in favor of the faux science of Dr. Fauci, who has insisted that the Delta variant is significantly more deadly than the original strain of COVID.

JPMorgan has made a remarkable, and predictable, discovery after analysis of COVID in developing nations where lockdowns and other mitigation efforts have been far less imposed on citizens than in developed countries like the US and especially Australia (screen shot here).

JPMorgan discovered that developing nations experienced a Delta wave that was “much milder” than anticipated (screen shots here and here).

Infowars reports, “JPMorgan wrote a note about EM vulnerabilities to the COVID-19 Delta variant in which it drew attention to seven countries – the Philippines, Peru, Columbia, South Africa, Ecuador, Thailand and Mexico – which at the time looked particularly vulnerable due to a combination of low prevalence of the Delta variant and low vaccination rates.”

Given the widely accepted false assumption that the Delta variant is more infectious than the prior COVID strain, JPMorgan assumed that the lack of vaccinations and lockdowns in developing countries would result in a much more severe and widespread outbreak than in developed countries.

What they found, however, was the opposite.

“JPMorgan policy research analyst David Mackie found that ‘the Delta wave was much milder than expected: none of these countries saw the gains in Re that we anticipated.’”

“‘How can we explain this shortfall?’ JPMorgan’s Mackie asks, and answers: There are five areas which could contribute to an explanation: mobility; vaccinations; acquired immunity from infection and recovery, seasonality and the infectiousness of the Delta variant.”

Ultimately, the process of elimination caused Mackie to arrive at the fact that “it is very possible that the Delta variant is around half as infectious as initially assumed.” This revelation falls in line with what actual science says about viruses rather than what the Fauci pseudo-science says.

JPM explains that this is “devastating for such institutions as the NIH, not to mention Biden’s chief covid advisor, Fauci, whose entire argument since the start is that the delta variant was far more infectious than any of the previous covid variants; it would also once again make a mockery of ‘the science’ which had fully supported the theory that Delta had a far greater infectiousness.”

Once again, more proof that the “experts” who claim to be “following the science” aren’t following any science at all.

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