CNN: Americans Not Smart Enough To Do Own Research On COVID Vaccines

( Exclusive) – There are millions of Americans still refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccines and for good reason. It’s not hard to go on the internet and compile a list of reasons why the vaccines are not a good idea.

You can use information right from the CDC and the FDA themselves. Millions of Americans have availed themselves of this information that the dolts at CNN and MSNBC prefer to pretend doesn’t exist.

Now, at least two far-left CNN mouthpieces have made the claim that Americans doing their own research on COVID vaccines is a bad thing since Americans are just too stupid to do it correctly.

Yeah, OK.

Ramishah Maruf, of CNN Business, explained, “The problem is that most people simply don’t know how to do their own research, especially when it comes to understanding the complexities of medical science.”

Maruf further quoted obnoxiously arrogant CNN personality Brian Stelter who said that four words, “Do your own research” are hurting the US response to the “pandemic.”

He continued to slam “right-wing media” for encouraging people to think freely for themselves and look into claims made by the government and government-backed entities.

Nicki Minaj has recently been criticized for encouraging people to question the vaccines. Maruf said, “Minaj helped raise doubts about COVID-19 vaccines on Twitter last week she would only get the shots once she’d ‘done enough research.’ It may seem like a reasonable, even positive, attitude, and it is a favored talking point echoed by many in the right-wing media.”

He even claims that “do your own research” goes all the way back to skepticism of the smallpox vaccine, per Stanford Internet Observatory research manager Renee DiResta.

It’s important to note that the smallpox vaccine and the so-called “vaccines” for COVID are two entirely different things, not even remotely the same.

The report said that DiResta is concerned that “in today’s media environment fueled by clicks and engagement, it’s all too easy to come across misleading data that confirms biases.”

Yael Eisenstat of the Berggruen Institute implied that the only way to do any real research was to go to a library. He said, “Nobody’s going to the library and looking up authoritative sources to do their own research.”

Remember, “authoritative sources” are the ones approved by the left that serve to affirm and promote their agenda. Anything outside of those sources are just conspiracy theories and “disinformation.”

Maruf’s report said there are many “subtle differences between understanding scientific research that is still theoretical versus that which has been tested and widely agreed upon are not well communicated to the public.”

“Science is a consensus building process,” DiResta said. “Not something where we know the facts immediately, the moment that someone wants to be Googling for them.”

Right, except many Americans are going off the information found on the CDC’s own website and testimony right from the mouths of doctors who advise the FDA and, let’s not forget, the CDC’s VAERS website.

The left just hates it when Americans happen to stumble upon inconvenient truths.

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