Bannon’s War Room: Election Investigation Could Go BEYOND Maricopa (VIDEO)

( Exclusive) – Back in August, Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast and gave some updates to the Arizona audit. Of all the information he gave, the most bombshell revelation was that the investigation into the 2020 election has extended beyond just Maricopa County.

Finchem revealed that the investigation has been taken into surrounding counties as well.

While on War Room, Finchem explained that leftist radicals like Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs along with RINOs were already concocting “prebuttals” in an attempt to discredit the results of the audit before they were even released and talked about how there were still things that had been subpoenaed but not delivered yet.

“Now it’s in the hands of The Attorney General. The Attorney General will work to compel the delivery of the things that have not been delivered yet. Could there be a follow on report? Probably.”

He went on to add this bit of key information, “There’s also, we’ve been conducting an investigation down in Pima County. we’re trying to get that wrapped up so hopefully, within the next week or so, the narrative is going to be strong for votes that are fictitious votes that we believe we found, I mean you can’t have 114% of mail-in ballots.”

Bannon questioned Finchem and asked, “Are you saying this report is going to say we got to, we got to go beyond Maricopa to Pima County and Pinal County which will get you about 80% of the state?”

To which Finchem responded, “Yes sir.”

Finchem added, “But we have to remember. There’s a separation between what the Senate is doing. The Senate is engaged in Maricopa County. I’ve been working on Pima County. I’m the only elected Republican in Pima County, in the legislature. Nobody else has lifted a finger to take a look at this. So, that is the other major voting bloc in this, in the state of Arizona. Essentially you have Maricopa County and Pima County carry well an excess of 80%, 85% of the vote in the entire state.”

Bannon pointed out that the radical left and their allies were busy putting together “prebuttals” and asked if Finchem believed the results of the audit and any other investigations would be released to the public and said it could be a possible “feeding frenzy” by the left to tear apart and discredit all of the information.

Finchem explained, “at some point, I expect to have a hearing that’s pretty much the way President Fann has conducted this business so far. I wouldn’t be surprised if that comes out either late this week or early next week to have a public hearing to reveal everything that’s in the report and to ask questions of the people who created the report.”

According to Finchem, he has taken the lead in getting an investigation underway in Pima County, which borders Mexico and is home to nearly 4,000 potentially illegal voters.

There seems to have been so much chicanery in Arizona that Rep. Finchem has taken it upon himself to dig into what went down in Pima County. No one in Arizona should be resting until the entire truth has been exposed.

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