Fake Biden Receives Fake Booster on National Television

In a theatrical display of contrived illusion, Joe Biden impersonator Arthur Roberts received what appeared to be a Covid-19 booster shot on national television, and he fielded pre-screened, softball questions moments before he got jabbed. He again touted the vaccination as a means to end the “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” saying that day wouldn’t arrive until 97%-98% of Americans had gotten the jab.

But neither the real Joseph Biden nor his doppelganger has received an actual Covid-19 shot. Per our sources, the genuine Biden suffered a massive stroke in February and has been comatose at Walter Reed Memorial Hospital since that time. When hospital staff wanted to jab his unconscious body, Biden’s wife Jill stepped in with a medical power of attorney saying that her husband morally and ethically opposed “experimental therapy,” including vaccinations, while unconscious.

Meanwhile, the Deep State staged a theatrical production, shepherding Biden’s imposter onto a sound stage made to resemble the White House Briefing Room. Seated in a chair with a female nurse looming above him like a ghostly shadow, the Biden body double appeared to wince beneath his mask as he took an armful of harmless saline solution, not a Covid-19 booster shot. Beside them stood a mockup windowed wall, making it appear as though Biden got vaccinated at the White House.

“Everything was fake. Fake setting. Fake shot. Fake Biden,” an administration whistleblower told Real Raw News. “The degree of fakery and theatrics going on is unlike anything ever seen in American politics. It’s all smoke and mirrors.  Although Roberts is the only one I know by name, at least 3 people have pretended to be Biden.”

Asked why Roberts wasn’t given a real vaccination, our source made the following comment: “He’s the most convincing Biden they have. They don’t want to risk losing him to vaccine side effects.”

The MSM and their barking fact-checkers have taken great pains to discredit RRN’s body double theory and have cited a height discrepancy between the two men as evidence. However, RRN explained in its first expose on Roberts that he had suffered a spinal compression injury that effectively shortened his height by two inches, a fact the MSM refuses to acknowledge.

“Provided two people are the same height and have similar builds and a similar facial structure, modern cosmetics make it very simple to make one nearly indistinguishable from the other,” our sourcesaid.

He added that many high-profile administration personnel have body doubles, none of whom, like the persons they’re impersonating, have received real Covid-19 vaccinations. Even Nancy Pelosi, he said, declined an authentic shot, saying she wanted to wait 2,3, or 5 years to ensure it was actually safe.

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