It’s All Theater: Joe Biden Staged COVID Booster On Mockup Set

( Exclusive) – The entire Joe Biden presidency is a complete sham. We’re expected to believe that Joe Biden, from his basement, somehow managed to win 81 million votes. We’re to believe that 81 million Americans hate President Trump so much they voted for Joe Biden as the solution.

We’re supposed to believe that 81 million Americans support Joe Biden yet no one ever attended any of his “rallies” or events.

Now, the Biden regime is openly mocking Americans. On Monday, after delivering a speech about the COVID-19 booster shot rollout, Biden stepped down from his podium to a nearby chair situated in front of a mockup White House background and took the booster shot on live TV with a live studio audience.

Nothing says charade quite like a soundstage!

The soundstage with the fake White House backdrop has raised some interesting questions, namely, why didn’t he just take the shot at the actual White House in the Oval Office or the Rose Garden? After all, the booster shot production took place just next door in the South Court Auditorium of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

The bizarre use of a soundstage has invited mockery from all sides of the political spectrum including late night host Stephen Colbert.

However, like a good media sycophant, Colbert pointed out the obvious fake set but then insisted that it doesn’t “matter at all,” nothing to see here, move along, as he mocked those who question the government’s COVID agenda.

“I understand he was doing this on camera to encourage everyone to get the shot and that’s a good thing,” Colbert said Monday night. “But all I could see was what looked like incredibly fake windows behind the president. It’s a fake room!

“Hold on! What if fake windows are just the start?” he joked. “Was the booster real? Was that his real arm? What if it was cake? Remember when everything was cake? It is ‘laurel’ or is it ‘yanny’?”

“We’ll have more on ‘Windowgate’ as it continues to not matter at all,” he added.

Imagine if President Trump had used a fake set for receiving a booster shot or for anything at all for that matter. Yet, the Biden administration won’t give any explanation for the mockup and nobody will force them to.

The fake set is a perfect picture of the entire Biden regime led by the puppet president that does nothing but lie, deceive, manipulate and mislead the American people on a daily basis.

Where else would be more appropriate for Joe Biden to supposedly receive a booster shot of a vaccine that the administration repeatedly sells to the American people as “safe and effective” despite there being no proof that they are either.

This entire fraudulent regime is nothing but a charade.

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