RRN Caught in Google Ban of Free Speech….Please Read

Dear Readers:

On Tuesday, September 28, Google/YouTube announced its intent to ban any and all content that questions the official vaccination narrative. Although Real Raw News has presented articles detailing concerns with the current Covid-19 vaccines and masking mandates, it represented less than 20% of our content.

Nonetheless, we have been caught in that web, and our ability to earn revenue through Google’s AdSense program has been stopped. Below is a screenshot of Google’s letter to Real Raw News.

We always knew we threaded a needle, so to speak, and walked a precarious line. In short, I knew it was only a matter of time before the proverbial ban hammer came smashing down on us.

Only rarely have we asked for reader contributions, the last time in May. Now we sit on a precipice and must ask for support to survive and continue our fight against oppression and the war against conservative values. To that end, we have restarted a GoFundMe to help supplement this loss. Any amount is appreciated.

Regardless, we will push forward with our mission and continue publishing, in spite of the Deep State’s efforts to quash us.

We are also working on other forms of income, including the sale of soon-to-be books describing in depth topics discussed on Real Raw News.

Thank you for your readership,


GoFundMe: https://gofund.me/5a9cb09e

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