US Marine Colonel Jailed For ‘Asking For Accountability’ Over US Departure From Afghanistan

( Exclusive) – Political dissidence in America is no longer permitted. Even before the Biden regime officially took over the Washington DC Deep State began hunting down and imprisoning Jan. 6 protesters for their roles in the staged “attempted insurrection” at the Capitol.

Those who have been arrested in connection with Jan. 6 are still being held as political prisoners in federal prisons. Now, military service members are being shown what happens when you speak out against the Biden regime.

Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller Jr. has been jailed after daring to post a series of videos and critical comments condemning the Biden administration’s military withdrawal debacle from Afghanistan.

“All our son did is ask the questions that everybody was asking themselves, but they were too scared to speak out loud,” Scheller’s father, Stu Scheller Sr., told Task & Purpose. “He was asking for accountability. In fact, I think he even asked for an apology that we made mistakes, but they couldn’t do that, which is mind-blowing.”

The videos posted by Scheller Jr. have been critical of the US high command over the botched departure from Afghanistan and the subsequent deadly aftermath at the Kabul airport.

It has been reported that Scheller Jr. was ordered to stop publishing such content by his command but that he not only refused to do so but immediately took to social media to expose the “advice” he was given.

Scheller knew he would be facing unpleasant consequences for “speaking truth” that “no one wanted to hear.”

In one of his latest posts he wrote, “Col Emmel please have the MPs waiting for me at 08:00 on Monday. I’m ready for jail.”

Despite having served for 17 years, Scheller is now in “pre-trial confinement” and will soon face legal proceedings, all for daring to call out the Biden regime and their obvious mismanagement of the Afghanistan withdrawal which ended up costing 13 US military service members their lives.

Indeed, what happened in Afghanistan was a complete disaster and one that Biden and his administration should be taking responsibility for instead of applauding themselves for a supposed job well done.

Even the former CIA Director under Obama has pointed out the magnitude of the Biden regime’s failure as it has inspired terrorist regimes all over the world.

In a Sept. 12 appearance on CBS News’ Face the Nation, Michael Morell said, “I think that the Taliban winning the war in Afghanistan, and then the way our exit happened, has absolutely inspired jihadists all over the world.”

He added that the calamitous exit from the country means “there’s a celebration going on.”

“The Taliban is saying, we just didn’t defeat the United States, we defeated NATO. We defeated the world’s greatest military power, ever,” Morell added.

“I think, not only will the jihadists be inspired, but a lot of them are going to come to Afghanistan to be part of the celebration, to be part of jihadist central,” he continued.

“We are more at risk, without a doubt,’ Morell concluded.

Morell is just lucky the FBI hasn’t come knocking on his door to imprison him for publicly speaking out against Dear Leader Biden. Morell, however, enjoys the benefits of being one of the political elites, despite his criticism of the current administration.

Scheller, on the other hand, is just a lowly Marine service member. He will face the consequences of daring to speak out against this tyrannical and fraudulent regime because this is Biden’s America now.

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