MUST-SEE VIDEO: AZ Audit Volunteers Speak Out On Disturbing Findings

( Exclusive) – The forensic audit that was being conducted in Maricopa County, Arizona has finally come to an end and the hardworking folks who volunteered their time and their effort to help fight against voter fraud and protect the integrity of our election system are now being given a chance to speak out on what they witnessed and encountered during the process.

Up until now, according to the Gateway Pundit, these individuals have had to keep quiet due to a nondisclosure agreement. Now they are free to reveal all that they saw while they were counting up the ballots in the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

In a brand new video, these volunteers open up and share their stories about what inspired them to volunteer for this monumental work, while also providing some disturbing election irregularities and anomalies they uncovered.

Some of the workers were actually seen on the floor of the venue almost every single day, trying with all their might to help fix Arizona’s election system.

One of GP’s correspondents, Jordan Conradson, volunteered to go and observe this “gold standard” audit back in May, and what he reported back is proof this was truly a full throated forensic audit.

“These volunteers have been discredited and lied about since day one of this audit, and the media spin continues to this day with the detractors now saying ‘Biden won,’ the report said.

However, those involved have made it clear they will never forget the historic findings of this audit.

“The people behind this video are individual American citizens who stepped up to help others hear the voices of our fellow citizens. This is non-partisan, and inclusive of all citizens, regardless of ideology. Every one of our voices matters, and WILL be heard. Our elections are to be decided by US; not big tech, not big media, not big pharma, and not by anyone else, regardless of how much money they have or how long they’ve been in office. We will not be divided any longer,” the report continued.

“The audit was designed to be a comprehensive review of the results from the Maricopa County 2020 general election to confirm the effectiveness of existing legislation in governing elections, and to provide additional insights on possible areas of information-based legislative reform that could ensure an even greater level of integrity and accuracy in how elections are conducted,” it added (screen shots here and here).

So now the full weight of all this is resting on the shoulders of Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich. He recently put out a notice of claim to the county commanding them to preserve all of the evidence this audit yielded.

What will he do with this information? That’s what we are all wondering. Let us hope he does the right thing and demands some indictments over these findings and calls for a decertification of the election results.

According to another GP report, President Donald Trump recently posted a letter from Arizona Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Wright.

“President Trump issued a Save America statement yesterday to remind America of the notice of claim issued to Maricopa County requesting preservation of evidence,” the GP report stated, adding, “The mainstream media outlets that actually covered this huge event did a shoddy job at best of reporting this new investigation from the Arizona Attorney General’s office.”

Here’s a copy of the letter (screen shots here and here).

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