“Wake Up New York!”: Anti-Vax Mandate Protesters Topple Covid Testing Tent

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – If Americans don’t wake up soon and start demanding an end to tyranny, we’re going to be in the same boat as Australia.

Things down under are grim. Full-blown tyranny has taken over and COVID mandates dictate life for Aussies. Freedom seems to be a thing of the past in Australia.

Here in the US, New York City is ground zero for medical tyranny.

Activists took to the streets in NYC on Monday to take a stand against the medical tyranny that has overtaken the Big Apple and to stand in solidarity with Australia.

On Monday, thousands turned out to protest Mayor Bill de Blasio’s absurd vaccine mandate for teachers which does not allow for any options to test weekly and has resulted in around 8,000 employees to be put on unpaid leave, according to the New York Times.

Just what New York City needs. More people struggling to survive.

Footage out of the city shows a massive crowd marching from Brooklyn to Manhattan and making several stops along the way. After gathering in Brooklyn, they marched to the New York Department of Education administrative building where they protested and ended up outside the Consulate General of Australia.

A number of activists and New York City teachers held press conferences and gave speeches to the crowd against the mandate.

Crowds also got in on the increasingly popular “F*ck Joe Biden” chant and added their own local twist by including “and de Blasio!”

Activists also chanted “Traitors!” presumably at the people occupying the DOE building before mobilizing to march toward the Australian consulate.

Protesters carried a variety of signs saying such things as “Naturally immune,” “Freedom over fear,” and “No Medical Mandate, Health Freedom Now!”

Chants of “Let us teach!” also broke out amongst the crowd, which was partially made up of educators.

Police officers stationed outside the New York Supreme Court building and New York City firefighters expressed support for the crowd.

On their way to Manhattan, a few activists took out their frustrations on a mobile COVID testing tent. Can anyone really blame them? Their lives have been completely upended by COVID.

If only more people would start getting angry about what is being done to us here in the US and free people all over the world maybe we would start to see change.

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