‘Manufacturing Issue’: Almost 200,000 Covid-19 Testing Kits Recalled… Delivered FALSE Positives

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – If there is an actual global pandemic, it’s a testing pandemic rather than a real viral pandemic in which mass panic, draconian lockdowns and government tyranny are justified.

Yet, here we are. What’s most frustrating is the fact that the actual truth about the faulty testing continues to surface on a regular basis and yet people continue to get tested for COVID and we are still being forced to live in this bizarre “new normal.”

Now, an Australian company that supplied over 3.5 million FDA-approved COVID-19 testing kits to the US has issued a recall of nearly 200,000 of these tests.

The recall issued by Ellume is being attributed to an unspecified manufacturing issue that has resulted in false positives.

It’s one thing after another with COVID testing.

The FDA issued a notice on Tuesday to the public, alerting us of “the potential for false positive results” with certain lots of Ellume COVID-19 Home Test. The home tests are rapid antigen kits that supposedly detect the virus using nasal swabs and a smartphone app.

The tests’ negative results do not appear to be affected by the so-called manufacturing error and the FDA said it’s “working closely” with Ellume to arrive at “corrective steps” going forward.

According to Infowars, “People who used an Ellume kit and received a positive result were instructed to contact their healthcare provider for a follow-up. Everyone who owns a kit is urged to check the Ellume-provided list of problematic lots, sent out between April and August this year, and request a replacement after submitting receipts.”

Ellume CEO Dr. Sean Parsons explained that the company began noticing the false positives from specific product lots “in recent weeks” and claims that they isolated the cause though they have declined to provide any further details to the public, citing trade secrets as the reason.

“The increase in false positives was the result of a supply chain issue with one of the test components. Because of the proprietary information involved in the manufacturing process, we cannot offer more specifics,” an Ellume spokesperson said in a statement.

While the exact number of kits being recalled is not clear, the New York Times has reported the number to be “nearly 200,000.”

A total of 427,000 kits sent to the US have been affected by the unspecified issue and half have already been used, resulting in around 42,000 positive results. The Times could not provide information on how many of those were false positives.

Since receiving FDA emergency use authorization in December, Ellume has shipped around 3.5 million test kits to the US making it the first over-the-counter at-home COVID-19 test.

Just another reason why you can’t trust the numbers. The entire pandemic has been a scam and testing has never been reliable.

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