Founders Of Moderna Therapeutics, Funded With Tens Of Millions From Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Lands On Forbes 400 Richest For COVID Vaccine

At least three people with a stake in the coronavirus vaccine race at the Bill Gates funded Moderna Therapeutics have just made a list of the top 400 richest people in America.

Want to have a little end times fun? Then try this. Google ‘bill gates moderna’ and see what pops up, you will get USA Today warning you of a conspiracy theory, you will get purveyors of comic news Snopes telling you Bill Gates is not tied to Moderna, even Reuters weighs in telling you Bill Gates is not tied to Moderna. Well, must be true, right? The truth is that Moderna has received tens of millions from Bill Gates.

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32 (KJB)

Now go to the Moderna website where you read this “In January 2016, we entered a global health project framework agreement with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to advance mRNA-based development projects for various infectious diseases.” Bill Gates has famously said he has made an average of a 20 times return on his vaccine investment, so that means as Moderna’s founders are now on the Forbes 400 Richest Americans List, his initial $20 million is now worth a minimum of $200 millions. Have you figured out yet why they work so hard to prevent you from using Ivermectin?

It all makes sense when you remember that virus was created for the vaccine, the vaccine was not made for the virus.

Moderna founders make Forbes list of America’s richest during pandemic

FROM STAMFORD ADVOCATE: Moderna’s chairman Noubar Afeyan, one of the company’s founders along with board member Robert Langer, and early investor Timothy Springer each made their debut in this year’s tally produced by business magazine Forbes. Despite the pandemic’s toll on many businesses, the 400 richest Americans this year are, together, 40% richer than last year’s ultrarich, making the cutoff to get on the list higher than ever, according to the publication. And the list featured the most new names it has had since 2007, many of them billionaires in finance, tech and health care.

The trio each own a stake in the biotech company, which saw its shares soar last year and which – along with drug giant Pfizer – logged in billions of dollars in vaccine sales as the virus spread. Johnson & Johnson and Europe’s AstraZeneca say they don’t plan to profit from their shots during the pandemic. For its rankings, Forbes estimated the fortune of Afeyan, the Moderna chairman, to be nearly $5 billion. The engineer, who was born in Beirut to Armenian parents and left during Lebanon’s civil war, has helped found many other companies.

The net worth estimates – which Forbes put out Tuesday based on stock prices from September, SEC documents and other records – stood at $4.9 billion for Langer, an MIT scientist who has hundreds of patents. It calculated $5.9 billion for Springer, a Harvard immunologist who put in millions when the company was founded in 2010.

The spread of the coronavirus has destroyed hundreds of millions of jobs worldwide while the world’s richest people saw their fortunes grow, surveys showed earlier this year. The pandemic has highlighted widening inequality not just in wealth, but also in access to vaccines. READ MORE

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