SHOCK: FDA Delays Moderna Vax For Youth Due To Heart Risk

( Exclusive) – The vast majority of healthy people who contract COVID-19 survive the illness just fine yet Big Pharma, the CDC and the COVID overlords in the federal government are adamant that every living being in the world must be fully vaccinated or else.

Fortunately, not all government-run agencies are totally corrupt. The Food and Drug Administration has made the decision to delay the approval of the Moderna vaccine to young people due to concerns about increased risk of heart inflammation.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that the agency plans to further review the data on myocarditis before arriving at any decision.

Well, thankfully someone is taking the issue of young, healthy people suddenly developing heart inflammation after receiving COVID vaccines seriously.

Naturally, Moderna’s chief medical officer, Paul Burton, insists that this risk is minimal, saying, “people can be reassured that the risk of myocarditis with an mRNA vaccine is low.”

Tell that to the thousands of young men and women who have had to totally reimagine life after being diagnosed with the disorder. As a matter of fact, the condition is becoming so problematic that Sweden, Finland and Norway have all halted the use of Moderna’s vaccine for younger people.

Iceland’s chief epidemiologist has cited data from the Nordic countries in regards to the increased occurrence of myocarditis and pericarditis post-vaccination while France’s health authority advised against the Moderna vaccine on Friday.

The CDC right here in the US has acknowledged that the cases of heart inflammation have typically been occurring a few days after the second COVID-19 jab.

Ah. The risks of being fully vaccinated. At least those with heart inflammation will be safe from COVID. Wait a minute…

Last week, a half-dose booster shot for older and at-risk adults was unanimously endorsed by the FDA. Apparently, a half-dose will magically provide protection from COVID while also preventing vaccine injuries like heart inflammation. At least that seems to be the logic behind recommending half-doses.

This coming Friday, FDA officials will decide whether or not to approve Pfizer’s request for emergency authorization for the use of their vaccine on children ages 5 to 11. That is most certainly a scary thought.

If you thought things were bad now with the vaccine mandates, just wait until they are aimed at our children. As if children don’t already receive enough vaccines that are causing them harm and permanent injury. COVID shots are the last thing children need.

The Hill has reported that the CDC is allowing states to place “preorders” for their vaccine for young children prior to the authorization.

It’s coming. We’ve always known it was coming. Parents, be ready to do what you need to do to protect your children from becoming lab rats for Big Pharma. If you haven’t already pulled them out of public schools, the time may be fast approaching.

Young children absolutely do not need to be injected with these dangerous “vaccines.” Heart inflammation is just one of the serious injuries that can result and, yes, kids will die from these shots.

Do not let your kids be victims of Big Pharma. COVID remains a minimal risk to children. The vaccines will not protect them.


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