Delta Force Raids Adrenochrome Warehouse

Delta Force operators on Monday raided an Adrenochrome storage facility in California and seized 600 liters of a substance that Deep State despots believe extends life, prevents illness, and enhances the libido, said a high-ranking official in the Office of Military Commissions under condition of anonymity.

At 3:00 a.m., Delta Force cut the lock on a barbwire fence that protected an 8,500-square-foot warehouse just south of Pier 33 near San Francisco Bay. Equipped with innovative weaponry and night vision goggles, the operators pushed toward the warehouse and, after failing to cut through a reinforced lock on the warehouse door, blew open the door using a shaped C-4 charge. They hurled flashbang grenades into the warehouse, stunning two chemists who had been hovering over an assortment of beakers and vials.

They subdued the chemists with zip ties, and then made a shocking discovery—15 industrial freezers brimming with bags of chilled Adrenochrome, 600 liters in all.

Delta Force also found 100 bags of whole blood in a locked refrigerator.

Each bag was dated with an indelible marker, ostensibly reflecting the date it was filled. The most recent inscribed date was October 16, two before the raid.

One Delta Force operator described the scene as a “macabre mad science lab with beakers and test tubes and other chemistry gear covering several stainless-steel tables.”

Our source said Delta confiscated everything in the laboratory and transported the items to an unknown location for destruction.

“We took what we need for evidence; the rest has been destroyed. There’s going to be a lot of unhappy elitists out there looking for their Adrenochrome injections or infusions. It’s likely this was just one of many clandestine storage units and labs,” our source said.

Asked whether the military had been tipped off by a Deep State official, like the ones who had been tried and executed at Guantanamo Bay, he said the following: “No. I’m sure if criminals such as Hillary or Podesta knew the locations of these places, the stuff would have been moved immediately following their capture. None of them shared info on Adrenochrome storage. This location was not a mobile lab, it was fixed, and they’d been there quite a while.”

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