BOMBSHELL: Fauci’s NIH Also Funded Medical Experiments On AIDS Orphans In NY City

( Exclusive) – Dr. Fauci is a deranged psychopath worse than any fictional villain in the movies. While the left has made him into COVID Saint Fauci the reality is he’s an evil man using mankind as lab rats in his sick experiments.

The entire COVID charade has always just been one big experiment from the beginning and Dr. Fauci has been the loudest voice urging Americans to just shut up and go along with whatever “health officials,” such as himself, have to say.

In light of the recent revelations into Dr. Fauci’s “work,” everything seems to make a lot more sense now.

We now know that Fauci funded a “study” conducted in Tunisia in which beagle dogs were literally eaten alive by parasite-infected flies (screen shots here and here). He also spent over $16 million in taxpayer money on maniacal “toxic bran injection” experiments on monkeys in 2018.

His funding of the gain-of-function research in the Wuhan, China lab from which the coronavirus originated is just the latest in Fauci’s crimes against the living.

Now we have more insight into the extensive work history of Dr. Fauci. It has recently been discovered that Fauci’s NIH was caught red-handed funding inhumane AIDS experiments on orphans at a New York City hospital as recently as 2004 (screen shot here).

The experiments, approved by the NIH where Fauci was in charge, were conducted on hundreds of New York City orphans and involved government agencies along with Big Pharma using the orphans as lab rats in deadly AIDS drug trials.

Fauci and the NIH deemed these orphans to be expendable and treated them as such. In 2008 a report was published by the VERA Institute on the outcome of the experiments. VERA was hired by the city of New York to put together this report but VERA was not given access to any of the medical records for the children used in the trials.

The report is startling and disturbing. Here’s a summary from the Incarnation Children’s Center Investigation:

They reported that twenty-five children died during the drug studies, that an additional fifty-five children died following the studies (in foster care), and, according to Tim Ross, Director of the Child Welfare program at VERA (as of 2009), 29% of the remaining 417 children who were used in drug studies had died (out of a total 532 children that are admitted to have been used).

The investigation also found that no payment or compensation was ever paid to any of the children or their families during or after the trials.

The trials were clearly fatal for many children but hundreds other suffered greatly during the experiments. According to a hospital nurse who later spoke out about the experiments to reporters, children would get immediately sick, break out or start throwing up during the testing.

Dr. Fauci is an evil psychopath who has made a living using human beings and other living creatures in the worst ways all in the name of “science.”

Then there’s the COVID-19 vaccines which he endorses and believes everyone should be forced to have. This is Fauci’s biggest, most expansive experiment yet and it’s criminal.

Fauci needs to be arrested and put on trial NOW.

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