Former Atheist Chinese Scientist: Why America, Faith, Freedom Matter

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Surge Summary: A former atheist, Chinese American medical doctor demonstrates much that is best about the United States and reminds us of the importance of faith and freedom. A new film chronicles his story. 

by Larry Tomczak

Decades ago. an atheist Chinese student miraculously departed China, came to America, was born again and then pioneered technology restoring sight to millions worldwide. He did it by inventing a technology that both preserves human life while utilizing the miracle of scarless healing in the amniotic sac encasing pre-born babies.

national publication recently honored him as a cultural hero “changing our world.” Listen to the podcast interview at the end of this article.

I’ve had the privilege of enjoying a wonderful friendship with this wonderful man of God whose story brings inspiration and encourages perseverance during these perilous and polarizing times.

Losing Sight in My Left Eye

Twenty, years ago I was shocked by the sudden loss of sight in my left eye. It happened as my wife and I were transitioning from Atlanta to the Nashville area for our next assignment from God. Dr. Ming Wang, a world famous eye surgeon whose Wang Vision Institute serves people from across America and abroad (including well known personalities like Dolly Parton, Kenny Chesney and others) took me under his care and assisted me then as he does to this very day.

With the release of his inspirational book, From Darkness to Sight. and his forthcoming film Sight starring Greg Kinnear, it’s obvious to me that God wants to use his incredible life story to bring hope to multitudes in this turbulent time.

“Sight”—A Film for A Time Such as This
Recently my wife and I had the privilege to attend a private screening of the film Sight which chronicles Dr. Wang’s amazing journey from China to America. It reenacts his struggles with poverty, racial discrimination and his pursuit to become a world-renowned eye surgeon.

During the time of uprising in his homeland where millions of students were taken off to labor camps, God providentially provided a way for Ming to find a pathway that eventually led him to America. He arrived as a young man who couldn’t speak English and all he had was $50 in his pocket!

The movie beautifully depicts the importance of lifestyle evangelism as a humble man reached out to Ming to serve him practically and eventually shared the transformative message of the gospel. Facing trials, discrimination and against all odds, Ming drew upon the strength of God to persevere, work hard and eventually became a world-class laser eye surgeon and philanthropist with degrees from Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology MD/PhD.

In these polarized times where theories abound propagandizing people and our children to believe they are “victims” and we’re either “oppressed or oppressors,” Dr. Wang’s story illustrates the wonderful opportunities afforded us in America to achieve and be self-reliant rather than look to “Big Government” socialist giveaways!

Finding Common Ground
Weeks ago Dr. Ming Wang was the featured speaker here in the state of Tennessee for a “Reagan Day Dinner” with 200 participants including our distinguished, dedicated Christian US Senator, Marsha Blackburn. She shared for five minutes then Dr. Wang spoke for an hour on a theme that is very dear to his heart and extremely needed for our nation today: “Appreciating Freedom in America by Finding Common Ground.”

He spoke eloquently and humbly that no matter what our ethnic background, race or religion, as human beings we all have much in common – our love for our family, freedom and the desire that our children prosper as we enjoy peace, prosperity and stability in our land.

Ming has gone through a lot including poverty, dictatorship and racial discrimination but he did not despair but persevered never giving up hope! He challenges all Americans to seize our opportunities in this “land of the free and home of the brave.” Hundreds of millions worldwide do not enjoy what we easily take for granted and it’s time to go forward as a people breaking the cycle of victimization, dependency and hyper polarization.

Saving Life and Sight
Recent “Heartbeat Bill” advances in Texas and 15 other states along with the upcoming Supreme Court hearing of the Mississippi case protecting the sanctity of human life keeps center stage the critical issue of protecting unborn babies in the womb. The new slogan, “Abortion is Beautiful” leads us further into Nazi totalitarian territory and is grievous to Almighty God!

The Bible tells us, “Open your mouth for the speechless in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction. Open your mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy” (Prv. 31:8-9).

Dr. Ming Wang cares deeply for the “least of these” little ones whom Jesus told us to care for in His place. His movie portrays the phenomenal adventure God gave him that led to a discovery saving the sight of millions around the globe. His invention of amniotic membrane contact lenses [AMCL] is now a powerful example of sight restoring biotechnology that uses tissue from the discarded amniotic sac while miraculously preserving all life!

To date, it has been used by tens of thousands of eye doctors throughout the world in nearly every nation, and millions have had their eyesight restored!

Here’s the Deal: The message and movie of Dr. Ming Wang is critically needed today. Can you help me in identifying churches and organizations where he can share his presentation in-person or on Zoom?

There’s no cost to the presentation! It will certainly help promote the film and life-changing message during these days where multitudes are discouraged, needing light in the darkness.

Let’s rally, help our brother and by so doing bless multitudes! If you’d like to take advantage of this wonderful free opportunity to have Dr. Wang share in-person or on zoom for 30-45 minutes with your church, ministry or organization, make contact with him at: or through me at Thank you.

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