RISE UP! Southwest Airlines Pilot Says ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Over Intercom

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Woke leftists are having an all-out meltdown over the insanely popular “Let’s Go Brandon” chant that has taken the country by storm. The chant has become the PG version of the more adult “F*** Joe Biden” chant that started it all.

The idea that Joe Biden is somehow the most popular president in US history is true in a sense. It certainly is a popular thing around the country to chant his name (whether it be Joe Biden or Brandon), though not in the way that crazed liberals would prefer.

Joe Biden is popular alright. He’s the man most Americans love to hate and for good reason. The “Let’s Go Brandon” and “F*** Joe Biden” chants have become a way for Americans to express their discontent with the current regime in a way that Big Tech just can’t stop or censor.

On Friday, the unhinged, liberal blue-checkmarks in the Twitterverse went into hysterics after a Southwest Airlines pilot dared to utter the “Let’s Go Brandon” phrase while signing off after updating passengers on a flight from Houston to Albuquerque.

A reporter from the Associated Press “broke the story” and reported that there were audible “gasps” from passengers on the plane when the unnamed pilot said, “We’re heading east at about 107 or 108 mph. Clear visibility, mostly clear skies, about 77 degrees. Thanks for coming out, flying Southwest Airlines, welcome home and remember, ‘Let’s go Brandon.’”

A video of the recording was posted to TikTok and the woke leftist mob sprung into action on Twitter calling for the pilot’s head and reveling in their indignation over the incident.



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AP reporter Colleen Long was supposedly on the flight and had been working on covering the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant phenomenon. After hearing the pilot utter it she immediately attempted to get a “comment” from him which, according to one passenger, turned into a terrifying incident.

Long certainly seems like a typical, unstable leftist.

The blue check liberals had a field day on Twitter over the incident calling on Southwest to immediately fire the pilot or risk a “boycott.” Only one problem there; when companies go woke, they go broke. Southwest should have absolutely no fear over the empty threats of hysterical leftists.

Check out some of the hilarity:

Fortunately, not everyone on Twitter agreed with the outrage over a pilot uttering the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon.” Is this not still the United States of America? Land of the free?

Joe Biden promised to bring “unity” after usurping the White House via the stolen 2020 election. It looks like he’s actually accomplished that. Americans certainly do seem pretty united in their hate for him.

Let’s Go Brandon!

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