Must Watch: Rep. Steve Scalise SHREDS Biden’s AMERICA LAST “Infrastructure” Bill

( Exclusive) – The Biden regime is well on their way to completely destroying the United States. Their plan to completely wreck the middle class and bring poverty and ruination upon hard-working Americans is unfolding just as they dreamed it would.

Biden’s outrageous “infrastructure” bill is a true Trojan horse, or so they want it to be. The only problem is, Republicans in Congress see right through it and are calling it out.

While Biden and his regime are pretending the bill is for “infrastructure,” the reality is the bill is the ultimate leftist wish list and if it passes, to put it bluntly, we’re all seriously screwed.

The multi-trillion dollar package hilariously and ironically named the “Build Back Better” package was voted on during a late-night vote on the House floor Friday night.

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) took the opportunity to expose the radical agenda contained within the 2,300-page bill.

Scalise blasted House Democrats for voting on the anti-American spending bill in the dead of night. He also noted that lawmakers had been in session since 8 am until 9 pm and were just getting into the details of the massive bill.

He called out numerous policy changes that would be complete disasters for Americans including amnesty for more than 7 million illegal aliens. He also blasted the regime for negotiating to give half a million dollar checks to illegal aliens who have come across our border illegally.

Our government wants to provide half a million dollar checks to migrants who have broken our laws, disregarded our border, and come here illegally to live off of taxpayer money.

It’s hard to even find words adequate enough to describe just how outrageous this truly is.

Biden will make these criminals into citizens AND give them more money than most Americans could ever even hope to have one day. This is truly disgusting.

As Scalise said, just imagine the flood of migrants that will come rushing to our border if Biden has his way.

Also of concern in the bill, Scalise brought up the regime’s move to expand the IRS by bringing on an “army” of IRS agents who will be dedicated to combing through the bank accounts of American citizens.

So, illegal aliens get to come here and get half a million dollars while the finances of honest, hard-working American citizens will be further scrutinized by the IRS who are looking to get as much in taxes as possible from us.

Furthermore, Scalise highlighted Biden’s plan to increase Americans’ utility bills with a natural gas tax that would raise household energy costs by 30%. So much for Biden’s promise not to raise taxes for anyone making less than $400,000 a year.

This bill is an absolute train wreck and would result in trillions in new debt and taxes for hard-working Americans while rolling out the red carpet for foreign nationals to come here and live in wealth and privilege.

Scalise was only able to uncover and expose the tip of this disastrous spending iceberg but rest assured, there’s more. The Biden regime is doing everything in their power to completely destroy America and this bill will be the final nail in our coffin.

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