Woke Microsoft Now Telling Employees To Begin Presentations By Saying Things Like “I’m A Caucasian Man With Glasses And A Beard, I Go By He/Him”

Woke Microsoft is now encouraging employees to begin presentations by stating their race, gender, personal pronouns and color of clothing.

The world presented to us by our woke masters is a world that is by turns tedious and terrify, both inane and insane, a world run by the inmates of a mental institution. Rod Serling made an entire career out of presenting nightmarish scenarios of a coming world devoid of rational thought in his hit series ‘The Twilight Zone’. Today we live in the twilight zone, and woke Microsoft is proof of that.

A fool also is full of words: a man cannot tell what shall be; and what shall be after him, who can tell him?” Ecclesiastes 10:14 (KJB)

I am so glad I unplugged a few years back, turning off forever things like the evening news, Monday Night Football, endless propaganda commercials and the relentless indoctrination of the state run media. My ad blocker is always turned on, and I stream to create the content that I wish to view. I will not bow to ‘personal pronouns’, and no, I will not be celebrating your diversity. Enjoy this video of woke, social justice warrior Microsoft employees making fools out of themselves, but don’t laugh too hard, they’re coming for you next.

Woke Microsoft Encourages Employees To State Race, Gender During Presentations

FROM WASHINGTON FREE BEACON: Videos from last week’s Microsoft Ignite conference show employees reciting “visual descriptions,” which are meant to make blind audience members aware of presenters’ biases. In one video, program manager Allison Weins opened her remarks by saying she was “an Asian and white female, with dark brown hair.”

In a blog post released after the conference, Microsoft notes that it does not require its presenters to provide visual descriptions but recommends mentioning “distinguishing characteristics like hair color, race/ethnicity, gender, clothing, and background details to avoid unconscious bias.” The presenters at Microsoft’s conference all highlighted their race, preferred gender pronouns, and outfits.

One of the Microsoft presenters who used visual descriptions, Nic Fillingham, directed the Washington Free Beacon to a video explanation of visual descriptions in which an activist explains the practice is “intersectional” and that visual descriptions “help fight racism, sexism, and classism.” Fillingham introduced himself by saying, “I’m a Caucasian man with glasses and a beard, I go by he/him, and I’m a security evangelist here at Microsoft.”

Neither Microsoft nor its PR firm responded to requests for comment.

In her opening remarks, Weins also noted that Microsoft wanted “to acknowledge that the land where the Microsoft campus is situated was traditionally occupied by the Sammamish, the Duwamish, the Snoqualmie, the Suquamish, the Muckleshoot, the Snohomish, the Tulalip, and other Coast Salish peoples since time immemorial. A people that are still here, continuing to honor and bring to light their ancient heritage.”

“Land acknowledgments” have come into vogue in recent years in social justice circles. According to the Portland, Ore., City Council, which carries out a “land acknowledgment” before every meeting, the practice can help “make amends” for centuries of colonialism. Microsoft frequently highlights its work with Native Americans, including hiring a Native American contractor for a day to help design a Native American video game character. Microsoft has not announced plans to return land it owns to indigenous peoples.

The town of Sammamish, the ancestral home of the Sammamish people where a major Microsoft campus is located, reported the highest median income of all cities in America in 2019. READ MORE

Microsoft Ignite 2021

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