Deep State Unveils Newsom Doppelganger

As predicted, the Deep State unveiled a Gavin Newsom doppelganger only days after this website (and others) reported that the real Gavin Newsom had become seriously ill after getting his 3rd Covid-19 jab. Although we alone reported conclusively that he had been taken into military custody and shipped to GITMO to face a military tribunal, other conservative sites at least acknowledged that his prolonged silence and absence were related to the Covid-19 clot-shot.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Newsom doppelganger participated in a fireside chat at the 2021 California Economic Summit, the first public appearance in a fortnight, claiming that he had gone dark and silent because his children wanted him to “trick-or-treat” with them on Halloween, a Pagan pseudo-holiday.

Newsom’s magical reappearance is not magical at all. The Deep State has a sordid history of resurrecting staff who had faced execution at GITMO and other “White Hat” military installations. They have performed such miracles with people such as Hillary Clinton and Bill Gates, despots who hanged to death for crimes against law-abiding, God-fearing American citizens.

A source in the illegitimate Biden Administration’s office told Real Raw News that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer literally begged WH communication’s director Kate Bedingfield to find a Newsom-replicant minutes after he had become comatose and long before U.S. Marines arrested him at his Fair Oaks estate.

“Gavin Newsom is integral to their agenda,” our source said, “and they couldn’t just let him be dead or in custody.”

The Deep State had a “Gavin Newsom in-waiting.” Although the identity of the imposter remains a mystery, he and the real Newsom share a remarkably similar physique and facial structure. The Deep State spent nearly two weeks training the new Newsom to emulate Newsom’s mannerisms, posture, and speech pattern, our source said. They even encouraged the Newsom facsimile to treat Newsom’s wife and children as if he were the real Newsom.

“Ultimately, these imposters will be exposed. Doing so right off ain’t so easy. The true Newsom has identifiable features such as a 2-inch birthmark in the shape of Italy on his upper-left thigh and a ceramic crown on a left lateral incisor. But these are impossible to spot. You have to watch for slipups in his inflection and body language, signs that often betray the Biden body doubles,” our source said.

“Isn’t it odd he blamed his silence on spending Halloween with his kids. Halloween is one night, but Newsom was off the grid for about two weeks,” our source added.

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