Slip Of The Tongue? CDC Director Says “People Dying From Vaccine”

( Exclusive) – Healthy people are not at risk from COVID-19. The survival rate is over 99% and yet the federal government, in their infinite wisdom, is still pushing the COVID vaccines on every single American, now including children ages 5 to 11 (who are especially at no risk from COVID).

It doesn’t matter if you are healthy and will easily recover from COVID or if you’ve already had COVID and now enjoy natural immunity. The federal government, and the psychotic globalists in charge of it, are demanding complete and total submission to their agenda.

The vaccines are actually putting healthy people at higher risk of experiencing adverse health events and even dying than the virus ever will and the CDC, FDA and the federal government know it.

In an awkward Freudian slip, CDC Director and globalist shill Rochelle Walensky mentioned the deaths that are resulting from the COVID vaccines before realizing what she said and correcting course.

The slip up happened during an interview with PBS News Hour last month.

“…Our death rates are too high, here’s what we know,” Walensky teed up her next statement. “We know that people who are dying from this vacc-,” she said before correcting herself, “from this, uh, disease are 11-fold more likely to pass…”

It’s pretty clear that in the back of Walensky’s mind she knows that people are dying and being seriously injured by the COVID vaccines. She knows the vaccines are essentially turning Americans into lab rats for Big Pharma and she, quite frankly, doesn’t care.

The CDC, the FDA, the Biden regime and the lying, sycophantic media are all conveniently ignoring the thousands of deaths and adverse events linked to the vaccines.

As a matter of fact, they’re all complicit in covering up these incidents and lying to the American people. There’s just no way they don’t realize the vaccines are doing far more harm than good at this point.

Vaccine-related deaths in the US have been receiving virtually no media coverage and Americans have been left to social media and other accessible outlets for reporting their stories and the stories of their loved ones who can no longer speak for themselves.

One Facebook post by a local media outlet last month attempted to get users to share their unvaccinated death testimonies but the post was, instead, flooded with users attributing the death of their loved one to the vaccine instead of the virus.

Given the fact that it’s impossible not to know that the vaccines are killing people, Big Pharma, the CDC, FDA, and Biden regime are essentially committing pre-meditated, first-degree murder anytime someone dies after inoculation.

This crime against humanity must stop. The only way for that to happen is by mass resistance. Now is the time to stand up and say NO MORE.

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