BREAKING: Biden Refers To Black Baseball Player As ‘The Great Negro At The Time’

( Exclusive) – Joe Biden has become notorious for his mountain of gaffes made over the course of the last 11 months, so it’s not exactly a shock when he says something uncouth or that doesn’t make any sense.

We’ve all pretty much accepted the fact that the man sitting in the Oval Office is probably suffering from massive cognitive decline and thus, crazy stuff coming out of his mouth is par for the course.

However, the statement Biden made on Wednesday in reference to a black baseball player from the 1940s probably makes it in the top five worst things he’s ever said. Thankfully, he’s a Democrat, which means that the radical left will give him a total free pass for his statement.

According to a report published by Infowars, Biden referred to the player as “the great negro at the time, pitcher in the Negro leagues.” That sentence alone, without the racial slur, is atrocious and difficult to listen to.

Apparently, Biden didn’t seem to grasp what he actually said, nor the egregious offensiveness of the term according to the rules of his own party.

“I’ve adopted the attitude of the great negro at the time, pitcher in the negro leagues, went on to become a great pitcher in the pros, in the MLB after Jackie Robinson, his name was Satchel Paige,” Biden declared, moving right along without missing a single beat.

“According to the revisionist theories of race propagated by corporate media and the Democrat Party, the term negro is a slur that can only be used by black grievance activists. Nonetheless, Biden’s remark appears to have generated little buzz amongst the corporate press, with the only public commentary on the remark appearing to exist exclusively in conservative circles,” Infowars said.

And this comes after Biden made headlines last week after he reportedly broke wind for a “long and loud and impossible to ignore” length of time in front of the U.K.’s Duchess of Cornwall during a carbon emissions summit.

The Daily Mail reported over the weekend that “An informed source has told The Mail on Sunday that Camilla was taken aback to hear Biden break wind as they made polite small talk at the global climate change gathering in Glasgow last week.”

The Mail went on to say that the source also claimed that “Camilla hasn’t stopped talking about it.”

Folks, this guy is a total embarrassment to the United States. It’s humiliating to think Biden doesn’t have the cognitive awareness to know when he’s used inappropriate language, but it’s even worse that he’ll just go around passing gas in front of other world leaders, making himself and this nation look like buffoons.

If a Republican had said what Biden said concerning Satchel Paige, you know for a fact the mainstream media would be all over the place covering that story, demanding the person step down immediately or be cancelled and have his life ruined.

But, as Infowars points out, fact checkers instead came to Biden’s defense, stating that he didn’t actually mean to call Satchel Paige the “great Negro.”

News outlet Mediaite got a ton of flack for posting an article called, “No, Joe Biden Did Not Refer to Satchel Paige as a ‘Negro’ During Veterans Day Speech.”

“Although the author of the article – liberal commentator Tommy Christopher – conceded that Biden “obviously began to say ‘great Negro League pitcher,’” he concluded that Biden’s comments were ultimately a mistake and that he had meant to reference the Negro Leagues for which Paige had played,” the report said.

“That this needs to be explained is beyond absurd,” the Mediaite article declared.

“The article experienced heavy criticism from social media users, who accused Mediaite and Christopher of ‘gaslighting’ and ‘lying’ to Americans to protect Biden,” the Infowars report stated.

The fact-checking gurus over at Snopes also tried their best to spin this gaffe for Biden, saying that, “while he did indeed utter the words ‘I’ve adopted the attitude of the great Negro,’ and said them in that order, the context surrounding that sentence fragment does not support the claim or implication that Biden ‘called’ or ‘referred to’ Satchel Paige as ‘the great Negro.’”

All we’re asking is that the left be held to the same standards they hold everyone else to. That’s it.

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