Leftists’ Decades Long Strategy: Playing the Long Game Against Faith, Family and Freedom

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Surge Summary: Leftists’ current efforts to erase real marriage and the family and replace them with government programs and provision is merely a part of its long-game strategy to do the same … thus, paving the way for a socialistic, statist system in America.

by Robert Knight

Democrats, with help from feckless Republicans, have advanced the Orwellian-named Respect for Marriage Act. They’re trying to finish the job they began in the 1960s.

That’s when Lyndon Johnson launched the anti-marriage Great Society, whose welfare policies shattered the urban family and sentenced a major constituency to perpetual dependency. As President Biden says, “you ain’t black” if you don’t vote Democrat.

By destroying marriage and exiling black fathers, the party created an underclass that could be exploited indefinitely.

Part of the strategy came from Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s quest to eliminate what she called “human weeds” from the population. Black pastors (like U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock of Georgia) were recruited to push abortion in black communities under the guise of “liberation.”

At first, we might be puzzled by the Democrats’ favoring policies that reduce the number of potential black voters. But the party is playing the long game. The most important thing is to ensure that intact, natural families are a thing of the past.

Besides, as the Respect for Marriage Act shows, they’re upping the attack on natural families of all races and creeds. H.R. 8404, which overturns the federal Defense of Marriage Act and codifies the Obergefell v. Hodges ruling, demolishes government support for mom-and-dad marriage by redefining it.

It paves the way for using the civil rights apparatus and lawsuits to crush dissent and criminalize Christianity.

Here’s the bottom line: The Left is hell bent on destroying natural families so the government can grow bigger by picking up the pieces.

I do believe that some lawmakers voted for the bill for personal reasons, such as having a gay family member or friend. Others were afraid of the LGBTQ/media juggernaut. Others feared being called bigots because the law unnecessarily also strikes down mixed-race marriage bans, a non-issue since the Supreme Court’s 1967 Loving v. Virginia ruling.

But it’s one thing to treat all people lovingly and with respect. It’s another to use the law to penalize those who believe God created marriage as the union of male and female. The Senate even rejected three religious liberty amendments.

Make no mistake, this is not a sideshow. It’s essential to the radical elites’ long game to obliterate faith, family and freedom. They want a docile population. They can’t usher in “the Great Reset” to worldwide socialism with independent-minded, family-strong (and armed) citizens in the way.

This is why they’re dumbing down schools, stoking racism, openly perverting children and replacing Judeo-Christian morality with scientism.

Unlike science, which is open to experiments and observations that yield new information, scientism is anti-science. This quasi-religion holds that materialistic rationality is the only path to knowledge. Scientists are all-knowing authorities, and certain topics are verboten – such as the unscientific “finding” that biology no longer matters.

“It would be hard to find a more effective ideological tool to impose a totalitarian system than by appealing to ‘science’ or ‘experts’ and thereby claiming a monopoly on knowledge and rationality,” wrote physician Aaron Kheriaty of the Ethics and Public Policy Center in The Epoch Times. “Those in power can readily choose which scientific experts they endorse and which they silence.”

Thus, the elites’ positions on COVID-19, climate and sexuality are beyond debate. They lied about COVID shots preventing infection and transmission and attacked doctors who told the truth. They suppressed the fact that vaccinated people now account for the majority of deaths in the United States and Great Britain.

Their fake science tells us that natural families offer no particular advantage to society despite 5,000 years of history, physiology and common sense. If you don’t think mom-and-dad families are important, explain the soaring murder rate and mayhem where out-of-wedlock births are the norm.

From 2020 on, “experts” like Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx orchestrated disastrous shutdowns and mask and vaccine mandates. They smiled as the government/media/Big Tech cabal demonized cheap, safe alternative treatments like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

When challenged, Dr. Fauci famously proclaimed, “Attacks on me, quite frankly, are attacks on science. I represent science.” That’s exactly what a mad scientist would say.

During a Nov. 23 deposition at the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Fauci admitted that his lockdowns were inspired by the Chinese Communist Party. China’s ham-fisted approach has triggered protests the likes of which we’ve not seen since Tiananmen Square in 1989. Any day now, tanks will be crushing protestors.

In America, totalitarian-minded elites haven’t resorted to that. They just make dissent magically disappear. They say “follow the science” unless it conflicts with their perverse plans.

Amid this madness, a number of trends are alarming our would-be masters. Elon Musk is driving the Left crazy by reopening Twitter to conservatives. Black and Hispanic voters are wising up that the Democrats hate their family values, their businesses and their love for America.

The mid-term election wasn’t the reckoning that many expected, but the GOP did capture the House, conservatives flipped many school boards, and more is on the way.

God willing, the Left’s grand strategy for neutering America will become so dangerously clear that it will trigger a revival that renews human souls and reignites the American spirit.

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Robert Knight is a columnist for The Washington Times. His new book “Crooked: What Really Happened in the 2020 Election and How to Stop the Fraud” (D. James Kennedy Ministries, September 2022) is available at his website roberthknight.com and at djkm.org/crooked.


Crooked: What Really Happened in the 2020 Election and How to Stop the Fraud

By Robert Knight

160 pages, fully footnoted and indexed. (Sept. 2022 D. James Kennedy Ministries.) Available at the roberthknight.com website store.

In 2020, the Left in America seized control of all three elected branches of the federal government. We have been paying for it ever since. But was the election fair and honest?

We are told every day that we cannot even ask that question lest we be “cancelled” as “election deniers.”

Yet, there is massive evidence that vote fraud, unconstitutional election law rigging and Big Tech manipulation yielded a pre-determined result. The media, which should be shining a light on all this, instead labels all such suggestions as “baseless,” “falsehoods,” or simply “false.” Instead of defending freedom of speech and free inquiry, the press vilifies anyone stepping outside their narrative.

For more than 244 years, America’s Christian culture and its continued influence have combined with limits on government imposed by the Constitution to make the United States the freest, most prosperous nation in history. But forces have been at work for decades to “liberate” us from self-government.

This book exposes the many threats to free elections posed by un-American, socialist activists. But it’s also meant to inspire patriotic Americans to resist intimidation and to restore limited government under God.

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