Many Trans ‘Experts’ Not Helping Gender-Confused … and Frequently Making Problems Worse

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Surge Summary: A prominent pediatrician who has extensive experience with “intersex” patients blows apart the “woke” consensus on transgender issues. Fashionable views on dealing with gender-confused individuals not only doesn’t actually help them … it often makes matters worse.

by The Ruth Institute

[A recent] Dr. J Show features Dr. Quentin Van Meter, who testified before the Florida Board of Medicine’s investigation of “gender-affirming care.”

The Board held extensive hearings, listening to the sociological and scientific facts from numerable studies, experts, and people who transitioned and detransitioned themselves.

The hearings proved not only that there is no long-term evidence that “treatment” helps patients with gender dysphoria, but there is significant evidence that it can harm them.

Dr. Van Meter shares the evidence he provided for the Board as a pediatrician. He has decades of experience treating babies with ambiguous genitalia, or “intersex” deformities. He explains how these rare abnormalities occur, how to treat them, and what they mean for the child going forward.

Watch the full interview.

In the latest Dr. J Show, Dr. Quentin Van Meter, President of the American College of Pediatricians, continues his discussion of the transgender craze. (Part 1 is here.)

Gender dysphoria “is a mental health issue,” Van Meter explains. “They’re suffering from the woes of being incongruent. They blame it on society. The reality is, they can’t accept themselves internally. It’s not the world against them. It’s themselves against themselves… They think they’ll feel better in the body of the opposite sex, and they often do for a little while, but ten years out, they realize they’re no better off and are actually worse off.”

Van Meter explains how the pre-transition mental evaluation is basically: can you tell reality from non-reality? Then you’re fine. We’ll deal with any underlying mental health anxiety or distress issues later.

Learn why puberty blockers for girls lead to bone fractures and severe osteoporosis. Further, when you start a child on puberty blockers, “you’re basically sterilizing the patient right then and there,” Van Meter says.

He also shares the horrifying story of Dr. John Money, who ran Johns Hopkins Gender Clinic, the first to perform sex change surgeries on infants and adults until it was shut down. Yet, this evil man is considered a hero to transgenders.

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