White Hats Proactively Head to Storm-Stricken Louisiana to Prevent FEMA Misdeeds

General David H. Berger Wednesday morning sent two Marine platoons to Union Parish, Louisiana, where twisters last night decimated homes and left at least three people dead, as well as dozens wounded. The Marines won’t be there to comfort the walking wounded or to provide shelter. Rather, the general hopes their presence will make marauding FEMA agents think twice before taunting, robbing, and torturing displaced residents, as they had in Florida last October, and in Metairie, Louisiana, in September 2021. In the latter case, FEMA withheld emergency provisions until citizens agreed to get Covid shots.

A source in the general’s office told Real Raw News that Gen. Berger won’t allow repeat performances, that he aims to protect the citizenry from an agency that refuses to police its own.

“If FEMA won’t deal with their criminal element, we’ll do it for them,” our source said. “We are sworn to defend the nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Two platoons of the 247th Marine Corps, Camp Lejeune, headed south for Louisiana early Wednesday morning. The Marines, our source added, are carrying enough firepower to repel a FEMA invasion, though that’s not their goal.

“No one here’s looking for a firefight. We hope our presence will keep FEMA on best behavior. They know from earlier altercations that we’ll act, if necessary, to defend the lives and properties of people in the area. Bloodshed is not what we’re looking for,” our source said.

Nonetheless, Marines pride themselves on preparedness—the ability to improvise, adapt, and overcome, and know FEMA has a history of bringing weapons, locked and loaded, to so-called disaster relief missions. FEMA’s propensity has been to carry automatic weapons and crates of ammunition instead of food, bottled water, and temporary shelter.

Last October, southwest Florida residents whose lives got uprooted in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian were offered N-95 masks and Covid boosters instead of food and water.

Marines, our source said, left Camp Lejeune with spare MREs, but only enough to feed a few dozen people for a week.

“We have limited resources. We’ll do what we can. But our job is to keep FEMA in check. We hope our forces arrive in Union Parish before the bulk of FEMA does,” our source said.

Last night, FEMA spokesperson Alexandra Travis said the Federal Emergency Management Agency was sending personnel to Louisiana to evaluate storm damage. She made an identical statement in October, after which cash, gold, and guns began disappearing from damaged homes in Naples, Florida.

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