COVID Lockdown: Society Shuttered, Elections Twisted, Lives Ruined … Was It Worth It?

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Surge Summary: The COVID-19 pandemic led to society-wide lockdowns. Businesses were destroyed, an election tampered with, lives ruined. Those few state governments who resisted the lockdown pressures fared better. Now, just on the other side of all this an important question is: Was shutting down society worth it?

by Mikayla H. La Grita

It appears that a new KIND of real estate crisis is on the horizon. It should come as no surprise; perhaps, this should have been dealt with a long time ago.

The pandemic and its shut down have shown commercial renters of office space that it is no longer necessary in today’s high tech world. People can work from home. Offices can be downsized to a couple of desks, a copier and other equipment as needed for the work to be done. Being in an office 9 to 5 isn’t the key to productivity.

However, what about all of the periphery businesses that survived on the high rise buildings full of work a day people? That would include transportation, restaurants, coffee bars, convenience stores, etc.

They once had a captive audience, but that was yesterday, wasn’t it.

The overall anxious endeavor of the “Science” was to shut down the world during the pandemic for “two weeks.”

Two weeks turned into two years, and the lingering effects of that same “science” on the economy, school children, small business and the 2020 election is taking its toll.

What? The Election?

Yes, that would be the process by where many drop boxes were placed around the cities, trucks full of ballots went missing, information was suppressed,

How much of the “science” was put in place just to get the 45th President out of office?

Did the “science” use gain of function research to perfect a virus, conspire to release it into the world and have a mass culling? Does our government, like the CCP, look to control us?

Was it all just a ploy to destroy the economy, small business and our military/first responders?

Military? First Responders?

Yes, forcing the vaccine on the unwilling military and first responders caused so many good people to lose their jobs.

Of course, the courts have ruled that some employees who were forced out in New York must be reinstated and paid back wages, quite a good precedent for future cases.

Was it just to get certain demographic populations under control as happened in New York with Governor Cuomo’s evil, misguided nursing home decisions concerning the elderly with Covid?

Despite the fact that he had a hospital ship, a building repurposed by the Army Corps of Engineers as a hospital and Samaritan’s Purse, who built a hospital in Central Park, Cuomo thought it was a good idea to return the most vulnerable to the nursing homes, claiming lack of resources.

How many nursing home occupants had to die alone?  Their family couldn’t get in to see them, couldn’t hold funerals for them.

How many times did the “science” discourage families from gathering on traditional holidays?

What about the closed churches and the legal action they had to endure when they didn’t close?

How long were the children out of school, or trapped in masks?

Isn’t that the first step to Communism? Tear down the family, religion and indoctrinate the children?

South Dakota never shut down. Governor Noem kept everything open and the economy there never took a hit, neither were there mass deaths.

Florida’s Governor De Santis paused things in his state for 30 days. He sent children back to school in August of 2020.

Real estate crises come and go. With the right investment and city planning, commercial buildings can be repurposed to other uses, like residences, shops and trade. How about manufacturing?  The economy could use the jobs and the products, cutting our dependence on other countries.

The nefarious forces in our land are busy trying to destroy The Land of the Free.

Maybe it was worth it for them, but not those who lost loved ones, businesses, homes, time and investment. They probably have a different opinion of the waste it was.

The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge.

Image by Romy from Pixabay 

Mikayla H. LaGrita is a wife, mother and writer who is refusing to be silent anymore.

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