General Berger Names His Replacement

General David H. Berger Thursday night put a quick end to speculation over who would fill his shoes as commander of the White Hat partition of the United States military. He had summoned his council—currently 12 high-ranking officers from all branches of the armed forces—to an encrypted video call to deliver the news: His successor would be Assistant Commandant of The Marine Corps Eric M. Smith, a valiant, battle-hardened officer who had led Marines into combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

His meritorious accolades are legendary, and Marines revere him.  Afghanistan and Iraq aside, Gen. Smith commanded U.S. Marine Corps Forces Southern Command, 1st Marine Division, III Marine Expeditionary Force, and Marine Corps Combat Development Command.

More recently, he had helped draft the battle plan that allowed a joint Special Operations task force to seize FEMA’s Mount Weather stronghold.

Gen. Smith, who was absent the call, would assume command of all White Hat military operations effective January 1, Gen. Berger said, adding that he’d retain authority in the interim.

“General Smith is the right Marine for this job,” General Berger told the council. “Many of you have met him, and know his reputation. The few of you who haven’t will get to know him soon enough. He’s no nonsense. A Marine and a true patriot. He’s gonna shake things up, and you’ll show him the same respect and deference you’ve shown me. I’ll still be around, advising from the lines. But General Smith will be quarterbacking.”

General Berger wouldn’t publicly explain his reasons for stepping down, a source familiar with the call told Real Raw News, but said, “Any stories floating around of a seething hatred between me and President Trump are grossly exaggerated. We’ve had a few differences lately, that’s all. My reasons are my own. And I’ll tell you all this, General Smith won’t tolerate quacky tales about a Donald Trump clone or double sitting at Mar-a-Lago, so get your heads on straight. Trump gave us this charge, and you, all of you, answered his call.”

In closing, our source said Gen. Berger segued into a brief, heartfelt speech, saying he felt he had served the White Hat community and his president with pride, dignity, and honor, and he implored the council to “keep fighting the good fight, even on the darkest days.”

Note: Nancy Pelosi’s tribunal concluded late yesterday afternoon. It will take me most of the day to write it up. The verdict should come as no surprise.

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