Gen. Smith Briefs White Hat Council

“If I got my hands on that worm today, I’d hold him upside down and shake all the American tax dollars he’s taken out of his funky pockets,” General Eric M. Smith, who will lead the White Hat partition of the U.S. military beginning 1 January, said of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy during an address to White Hat councilmembers at Camp Pendleton Tuesday morning.

“I don’t like men who take what isn’t theirs, and I don’t like men who harbor pedophiles. When the two go together, I like them even less,” Gen. Smith went on, apparently referencing Zelenskyy’s imminent trip to the United Sates, where he will likely meet the criminal Biden regime at producer Tyler Perry’s White House facsimile in Atlanta, Georgia.

His animus toward Zelenskyy, however, seemed a fleeting forethought, for he swiftly segued into a discussion on what 2023 would mean to both the White Hats and the Deep State. He told councilmembers that 2023 would be “a year of reckoning,” that they’d have to “up their game” to win an asymmetrical war against an enemy that had for 40 years entrenched itself in the fabric of American society. The Deep State, he admitted, outnumbered White Hats.

“But they have fractured leadership and don’t out skill us,” Gen. Smith said.

A war, he added, loomed on the horizon. He mentioned the lethal clash between U.S. Marines and U.S. Army soldiers loyal to the criminal regime, saying that while no member of the armed forces should be put in a position to take up arms against a fellow servicemember, White Hats were bound to uphold the Constitution, to protect the Republic from all adversaries, foreign and domestic.

“Our boys are trained to kill Jihadis, Russians, Chinese, not each other. Trust me when I tell you what happened in Colorado took a heavy toll on them. We’d be irresponsible to think it’ll be an isolated incident, a one off. Make no mistake, right now military leaders who have fidelity to Biden are plotting and planning to take us down. We will make them see the light, or arrest the treasonous bastards. Green on green bloodshed is inevitable,” Gen. Smith said.

He said his approach to victory differed from Gen. Berger’s and spent 15 minutes elaborating on his plan to eviscerate the Deep State in 2023. Real Raw News was asked to omit part of his dialogue for reasons of operational security.

He touched on Nancy Pelosi’s conviction, calling it a “monumental victory,” but said a naïve public would be deceived because Pelosi has an unquantifiable number of body doubles lurking about.

“I have a plan to expose them,” Gen. Smith said. “Not just hers, all of them. But we’ll discuss that soon enough. And in case your wondering, our commander-in-chief, the real commander-in-chief, has been made aware of Nancy’s conviction. It’s my hope that in the first quarter of the new year we can arrest more Deep Sate scum than we’ve gotten in the last two years.”

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