Military Briefs President Trump on Clone Crisis

President Donald J. Trump seemed unsurprised Thursday morning when General David H. Berger briefed him on the White Hat’s latest find—a Deep State cloning lab in the Ozarks, a source in the general’s office told Real Raw News.

“Why am I not surprised it’s something like this? They [the Deep State] have their hands in everything,” Trump reportedly told Gen. Berger.

The general, our source said, asked whether President Trump had knowledge of human cloning, and if so, why he hadn’t shared intel that would have greatly affected how White Hats carried out Deep State arrests. He expressed concern that his men, his Marines, may have spent the last few years fighting and apprehending clones instead of the original articles.

While Trump admitted that papers had “crossed his desk,” he briefly downplayed the severity, saying he’d seen no proof of a successful cloning operation and that the cost of such a program would be so prohibitive that the Deep State could field only a finite number of clones. If other cloning laboratories existed, Trump said, they were surely limited in number and reserved for the Deep State’s most crucial players—not widespread. Nonetheless, he said the general and his replacement, Marine Corps General Eric M. Smith, ought to employ available resources toward learning if additional labs were scattered about the country and destroying them.

“Sir, if the Deep State’s cloning only its kingpins, why Gretchen Whitmer? Fauci and Biden I get, but Whitmer,” General Berger asked.

“She’s an ugly person,” Trump said, “and was a main lockdown enforcer. We don’t’ know what plans they have for her.”

The general then informed Trump that the Fauci and Biden specimens had been shipped to Womack Army Medical Facility, Fort Bragg, where clinical pathologists and geneticists would probe the clones for genetic flaws that might differentiate them from the real deal.

“Sir, is it worth it? I mean, assuming they’re out there, in office, is it worth pursuing them until we know for sure we’re picking up real Deep Staters and not clones?” Gen. Berger asked.

Trump said ridding the world of clones was just as important as ridding it of the real Deep Staters.

“We’ll endeavor to do our best, Mr. President,” the general said and closed the call.

In closing, our source again said the clone reveal knocked Gen. Berger for a loop.

“The general is a Christian. He called cloning an affront to the Republic and to God,” our source said.

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