For Davos 2023, Klaus Schwab And The World Economic Forum Are So Hated The Swiss Defense Department Is Sending 5,000 Troops To Protect Them


The Swiss Defense Department has approved deployment of 5,000 troops to guard Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and his global elites at Davos 2023.

When you talk about real-life, end times Supervillains you immediately think of people like Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Yuval Noah Harari, George Soros, and of course, Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum. Klaus Schwab and his gang of global elites are so hated that the Swiss Defense Department has to provide 5,000 troops to “keep the peace”. Turns out, people do not want the Great Reset and they do not want the Fourth Industrial Revolution, though I concede that at this point it may be too late to stop it.

And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven.” Revelation 13:6 (KJB)

Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum have become amazingly bold, telegramming their next moves because they feel unstoppable, perhaps rightly so. A video from the WEF posted to our Twitter channel yesterday has amassed 100,000 views in under 24 hours, you should take a look at it. There you’ll find the next thing Klaus Schwab is working on.

Up to 5,000 Soldiers to be Deployed To Secure Upcoming WEF Meeting with Klaus Schwab in Davos

FROM THE EUROPEAN CONSERVATIVE: With one week to go until the who’s who of the most radical globalists descend upon the picturesque ski resort town of Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting, up to 5,000 soldiers from the Swiss army will be deployed to offer military support to the civil authorities of the canton of Graubünden, who are responsible for securing the summit’s premises and its participants.

In a statement released Friday, January 6th, the Swiss Defense Department (VBS) said that the Federal Assembly, the country’s parliament, had approved the deployment of the Swiss army contingent to ensure the security of thousands of participants, the Swiss German-language newspaper Blick reports. This year’s deployment is part of a three-year commitment, from 2022 to 2024, by Parliament to support these high profile civic activities.

As per usual, the annual summit will be presided over by Klaus Schwab, the chairman of the WEF, who has repeatedly boasted about his organization having “penetrated” government cabinets across the world.

The gathering, comprised of the ‘elites’ from the political, financial, scientific, cultural, and mainstream press sectors, will take place from January 16th to the 20th. Some 3,000 participants are expected to attend. The official guest list, however, is still unknown to the public. Some days ago, in preparation for the five-day summit, the Swiss army began construction work in and around the venue to bolster the premises’ security.

The theme of this year’s WEF summit is “Cooperation in a Fragmented World.”

As has been the case in past years, anti-WEF protests are expected to take place next week. Two requests for permission to demonstrate against the summit have been submitted to the town of Davos, one of the town’s administrative officials told the Swiss press.

Both requests to demonstrate against the summit have been submitted by left-wing and anti-capitalist organizations. One comes from the Socialist Youth of Graubünden, which asked to hold a protest on January 15th in the town’s main square. The second is from a group called the ‘Strike WEF,’ which is planning a march protesting capitalism, global inequality, and for more active intervention on what they perceive as a climate crisis.

“As in 2022 and 2020, we will all hike to Davos together again in January. We are walking against capitalism, against the climate crisis, and against the increasing injustice in the world,” the collective wrote in a statement. READ MORE

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