Military Tribunal Convicts Former FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn

A military tribunal on Friday convicted former FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn on charges of treason and accessory to murder after he admitted that he and other members of Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force had deceived their president into believing untested Covid-19 vaccines were safe and effective, pushing Trump to launch Operation Warp Speed.

Hahn’s confession came as a surprise, for he had until that time professed his innocence. Immediately after his arrest on 29 December, Hahn told JAG investigators he had served President Trump with faith, honor, and loyalty, insisting he was being set up for crimes of which he had no knowledge. He denied being on Moderna and Pfizer’s payroll. He denied allegations that he had data proving inoculations had killed or gravely sickened Covid-19 trial participants. Any incriminating evidence, Hahn had said, had been manufactured or falsified to inculpate him for someone else’s crimes. Moreover, he said to investigators that he could not have betrayed President Trump because betrayal wasn’t “in his character.”

He clung to claims of innocence throughout two weeks of grueling interviews, even when offered potential leniency in exchange for a written confession detailing his role in the Plandemic. But Hahn didn’t budge. In his final interview Thursday, he scolded investigators for “violating his civil rights” and demanded an audience with President Trump. “When Donald finds out what you’ve done to me, there’ll be hell to pay,” Hahn reportedly said, to which investigators replied, “You don’t think he knows where you are? We have his blessing.”

On Friday morning he swaggered into GITMO’s south courtroom filled with confidence, shoulders back, chest out, boasting to Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall that no court could find him guilty. Once seated at the defense table, he raised his cuffed hands and said, “You can bind my hands, but you can’t bind the soul of an innocent man. I will be exonerated.”

Vice Adm. Crandall placed on the table graphic pictures of Doctors Fauci and Collins swinging from a rope.

Hahn’s chest deflated, and his face went pale. What bravado he had mustered fled his now trembling body like steam from an uncapped pot of boiling water.

“How…how could you do this?” he asked meekly.

“They did it to themselves,” the admiral replied. “They shared your defiant attitude. If you think the evidence we have on you is weaker than what we had on them, you’re wrong.”

“If I plead guilty, will you let me live? I can’t go like that. I just can’t,” Hahn begged.

“I make the sentencing recommendation, but they decide,” Vice Admiral said as he gestured at the three officers tasked with weighing the merits of JAG’s case.

“I’m guilty,” Hahn said, nodding his head vigorously. “But they made me do it.”

“Do what?” Vice Adm. Crandall asked.

Hahn recounted how Collins and Fauci had devised a scheme to mass-vaccinate Americans under the pretense of a national health crisis. They approached him in April 2020 with a proposition: help convince Trump to expedite the delivery of vaccines into the arms of every breathing American citizen as quickly as possible to combat an evolving virus that threatened to eradicate humanity. “We all knew SARS-Cov2 was no more dangerous than seasonal influenza, that, yes, it could get the elderly and immunocompromised sick, but the vaccines were never meant to mitigate spread, they were for money and control. Trump’s smart—he suspected trying to vaccinate the population against a mild coronavirus was futile, and dangerous. He was on point with ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine therapies, but there’s no money in those products. Fauci said only a collective effort across the medical community would get Trump to support vaccines. They needed me—I was the only person who could give pharma emergency-use authorization. And they needed Trump on board since only he had the power to invoke the Emergency Health Powers Act to get Warp Speed rolling. It was collaborative deceit, thousands and thousands of health professionals out there lying about the need for vaccines. We sold a lie.”

“And you had proof early trial participants died as a result of taking the vaccines?”

“Absolutely, but I got it by accident. Moderna mistakenly sent me their real trial results, not the doctored report, which I saw later. I told Fauci, but he told me to destroy the real results and go with the fraudulent data.  And I used that to help get Trump to make Warp Speed work,” Hahn said.

“And you were paid? Millions?”

“Several million,” Hahn conceded.

“Do you expect this tribunal to believe that old man Fauci and old man Collins orchestrated everything?”

“If it goes higher than them, I don’t know who’s pulling the strings,” Hahn said.

“This tribunal appreciates your belated candor, but owing to your statement of guilt, I have no choice but to recommend you be hanged by the neck until dead,” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

Hahn protested. “Wait. You said you’d let me live.”

“I said I’d make a recommendation,” the admiral corrected him, “but I didn’t specify what it would be.”

The panel agreed—Hahn’s crimes deserved no leniency.

He was frantically yelling “you tricked me” as guards escorted him to his cell.

Vice Adm. Crandall set a date of execution for Monday, April 16


Note: I’ve been told there has been a development in Gen. Berger’s disappearance and am expecting updated information later today. Depending on the time, I’ll publish late this evening or tomorrow morning.